Crypto giants reaffirm their trust in Bitcoin

Crypto giants reaffirm their trust in Bitcoin

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum inventor, posed a question to his community on Twitter on January 13th. It was about a fictional scenario in which you wake up in 2035 and 80 percent of all transactions and savings are concentrated in one currency (except ETH). Consequently, Buterin wanted to know which money his followers would prefer and … Read more

Five crypto stocks that have potential in 2022

Five crypto stocks that have potential in 2022

More and more companies with a crypto focus can also be traded on the well-known stock exchanges. It is therefore worth taking a look at the individual titles, especially for stock fans who are looking for regulated ways to enrich their securities portfolio with the crypto industry. Especially since the correction of the last few … Read more

This is Sunisa Lee, the heiress of Simone Biles, who faced machismo to be Olympic champion | News, Fashion | S Fashion THE COUNTRY

This is Sunisa Lee the heiress of Simone Biles who

If the dozens of articles in magazines that have nothing to do with the sports press were not enough proof of the “obsession” – as stated by The Independent– media by Sunisa Lee, just take a look at something as Generation Z as herself: the evolution of her digital influence. In just one week, Lee … Read more

Dogecoin acceptance at Tesla causes DOGE price to explode

Dogecoin acceptance at Tesla causes DOGE price to

Electric car maker Tesla has started accepting payment in Dogecoin for some of its products. Since the announcement, the meme coin has surged more than 12 percent. made on Twitter Screenshots the round, which features the DOGE symbol alongside the Tesla Cyberwhistle and Giga Texas belt buckle. However, Elon Musk’s company does not (yet) accept … Read more

Visa is optimistic about the future of crypto

Visa is optimistic about the future of crypto

A study by credit card provider Visa predicts major advances in crypto adoption this year. According to this, almost a quarter of small businesses plan to accept digital currencies as a means of payment by 2022. Additionally, 13 percent of consumers in these countries expect retail stores to offer crypto payments this year and beyond. … Read more

Hospitalizan a abogada iraní en huelga de hambre Nasrin Sotoudeh | DW | 20.09.2020

Hospitalizan a abogada irani en huelga de hambre Nasrin Sotoudeh

La abogada iraní de derechos humanos, Nasrin Sotoudeh, que se encuentra encarcelada en su país, fue ingresada en un hospital “muy debilitada” tras más de 40 días de huelga de hambre, informó este sábado (19.09.2020) su marido. Sotoudeh fue trasladada a una unidad de cardiología poco después de ser llevada a urgencias del hospital Taleghani … Read more

Ubisoft responds to NFT criticism

Ubisoft responds to NFT criticism

When Ubisoft When the NFT marketplace “Quartz” was presented at the beginning of December last year, its own expectations were high. The French company was the first major publisher to publish for one of its AAA titles (Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint) a collection of unique optical items for weapons, outfits and vehicles based on … Read more

Ethereum sucht den Boden, Cosmos verharrt, Near knackt Allzeithoch

Ethereum sucht den Boden Cosmos verharrt Near knackt Allzeithoch

Ethereum (ETH) testet Schlüsselunterstützung Kurs (ETH): 3.226 USD (Vorwoche: 3.255 USD) Widerstände/Ziele: 3.446/3.408 USD, 3.618 USD, 3.752 USD, 3.898 USD, 4.043 USD, 4.158 USD, 4.339 USD, 4.547 USD, 4.719 USD, 4.864 USD, 5.073 USD, 5.393 USD, 5.955 USD, 7.027 USD, 8.666 USD, 11.318 USD Unterstützungen: 3.273 USD, 3.143 USD, 2.954 USD, 2.733 USD, 2.659 USD, … Read more

Taxes on crypto and Co. – more ambiguity than fixed rules

Taxes on crypto and Co more ambiguity than

At least one rule when it comes to the taxation of proceeds from cryptocurrencies is simple: Anyone who has owned Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for more than a year can take profits from price changes tax-free – no matter the amount. Within the first 12 months after purchase, the profit may not exceed 599.99 euros … Read more