Significantly more money stolen than expected

Significantly more money stolen than

In a current blog post comments on the hacker attack that temporarily paralyzed the US trading platform a few days ago. According to their own statements, the wallets of 483 users were attacked. This would have resulted in unauthorized withdrawals of 4,836.26 ETH, 443.93 BTC and $66,000 in other cryptocurrencies. The total amount … Read more

Bitcoin Ambassador Matt Damon

Bitcoin Ambassador Matt Damon

Actor Matt Damon promotes a Bitcoin exchange. Advertisements are up to date the crypto exchange represented in all media. Recently, even Matt Damon has been promoting the platform. The only question that arises is what are the reasons for this advertising offensive? The Singapore-based company recently invested almost one billion US dollars to give … Read more

SEC boss warns crypto exchanges

SEC boss warns crypto

What is the SEC’s position on cryptocurrencies? Gary Gensler said on Wednesday according to Bloombergthat he sees a need for action on crypto exchanges to be more directly regulated by Washington’s financial regulators – so far, so to be expected. He believes the additional control is crucial in order for crypto investors to have the … Read more

Aimedis builds health metaverse with its own chain of clinics

Aimedis builds health metaverse with its own chain of clinics

The metaverse has arrived in the mainstream at least since the media-effective rebranding of Facebook. The digital parallel world has the potential to digitize entire branches of industry – including the medical sector. Aimedis has also recognized the trend and is now announcing its own plans for the Metaverse. Specifically, it is about establishing your … Read more

Germany: Bitcoin exchange buys 250-year-old Deutsche Bank

Germany Bitcoin exchange buys 250 year old Deutsche Bank

With this campaign at the latest, the crypto world is making its way into the time-honored banking establishment. The crypto derivatives exchange Bitmex has now announced that it is buying up one of the oldest German banks that already has crypto products in its portfolio. The Bitcoin exchange stated that the reason for the unusual … Read more

Spice DAO acquires Dune book for 2.6 million euros – without rights

Spice DAO acquires Dune book for 26 million euros

To understand the current whirl, one must first look at the subject at hand: the 1965 book Dune, written by Frank Herbert. More specifically, this is about one of the 20 original editions of the vision that director Alejandro Jodorowsky developed for a possible film adaptation. The book is now considered a science fiction bible … Read more

Switzerland: Ivo Sauter becomes the first CEO of BitMEX Link

Switzerland Ivo Sauter becomes the first CEO of BitMEX Link

Ivo Sauter becomes the first CEO of BitMEX Link in Switzerland As of January 1, Ivo Sauter has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BitMEX Link. The company operates an innovative 24/7 crypto brokerage offering spot, structured products and OTC trading. BitMEX Link has offices in Zug and Zurich. Before joining BitMEX Link, Ivo … Read more

A fundraising of 15 million euros for Coinhouse –

A fundraising of 15 million euros for Coinhouse bitcoinfr

The French platform coinhouse, which specializes in buying and selling digital assets, announced yesterday that it has completed a €15 million Series B funding round led by the investment fund True Global Ventures [2]. With this fundraising, the company wishes to accelerate the development of its service offer to individuals, companies and institutional investors in … Read more

CoinMarketCap partners with Shiba Inu

CoinMarketCap partners with Shiba Inu

the official twitter account by Shiba Inu has posted an update on the recent incident at CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency ranking website is now working with the SHIB developers since it was last related to Wormhole-Addresses came to problems. Previously, the Shiba Inu community had pointed out three fake smart contract addresses on CoinMarketCap. However, these … Read more