The vintage balaclava heist

The vintage balaclava heist

Wool blend balaclava, Maje, €65. Sweater in pure extra fine virgin wool, Molli, €260. Oversize U Airism T-shirt, in cotton, Uniqlo, €14.90. Personal necklace. CHAUMONT-ZAER FOR FOR M WORLD MAGAZINE. STYLING LAËTITIA LEPORCQ Highly political, marginal at will, associated, in disorder, with the procession of the head, with Pussy Riot, with bank heists, with riots, … Read more

Flemish vegetables threaten to price themselves out of the market – Expensive fertilizer and scarce labor make vegetables too expensive for processors – Foodlog

Flemish vegetables threaten to price themselves out of the market

The region around Roeselare has been the Silicon Valley of the vegetable industry for years. Half a century ago, a cluster of machine builders, frozen food specialists and agronomists developed who started to focus on intensive open-field vegetable cultivation. The old canning manufacturers have been replaced by modern billion-dollar companies such as Ardo and Greenyard, … Read more

Finkielkraut and BHL, the dialogue that has become impossible for the disciples of Levinas

Finkielkraut and BHL the dialogue that has become impossible for

By Elise Karlin Posted today at 05:18 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationIn 2000 in Jerusalem, they co-founded with Benny Lévy an institute intended to study the thought of the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas. For a few years, Alain Finkielkraut and Bernard-Henri Lévy confronted their ideas without animosity. A bygone era. “Levinas deserves better. » October 24, … Read more

Union and supermarkets together activist – FNV and supermarket umbrella organization CBL tackle exploitation in Italian tomato industry

Union and supermarkets together activist FNV and supermarket umbrella

Al in 2006 the first reports of serious human rights violations emerged. illegally operating human recruiters, corporals, migrants from low-wage countries who have ended up on the margins of Italian society gather to harvest the harvest in twelve-hour work weeks and against payment of half a local wage. Italy has 370,000 workers from 155 countries … Read more

In Japan, companies are adopting an app for their single employees

In Japan companies are adopting an app for their single

Long-term investigations and spectacular fashion series, in-depth portraits and good addresses… Every Sunday, find the offbeat look of “M Le magazine du Monde” on current events and style by subscribing to its newsletter. Excerpt from an ad for the employee dating app Aill goen. COURTESY AILL INC. The Covid-19 pandemic is weighing on singles looking … Read more

Large skin care test – we test organic skin care – Food Pharmacy

Large skin care test we test organic skin care

In association with Do you also suffer from winter dry rent? Our need for moisturizing has never been greater than right now. Minus degrees, long-distance skating and cold mornings in the stable have left their mark. We definitely need to devote a few extra minutes to the skin every morning and evening! So therefore … Read more

France’s exhumed grievances from roundabouts

Frances exhumed grievances from roundabouts

By Stephanie Hammer Posted yesterday at 12:30 a.m., updated yesterday at 4:20 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers storyDidier Le Bret, ex-adviser to François Hollande, found the grievances gathered during the great national debate of 2019. He restores part of them in a book, with the hope of reconciling the left and the working classes. The … Read more

Alta Badia and Nos Ladins-Noi Latini, an exhibition to experience the territory as a true local

Alta Badia and Nos Ladins Noi Latini an exhibition to

Alex Moling’s photo Alta Badia, in the heart of the Dolomites Unesco World Heritage, it is an authentic place, rich in culture and millenary traditions, which distinguish the Ladins, the inhabitants of these lands. The Nos Ladins – Noi Ladini project aims to bring the tourist closer to traditions and the local way of life. … Read more

Harmful fishing subsidies – ‘Government funding often keeps unprofitable fishing fleets at sea’ – Foodlog

Harmful fishing subsidies Government funding often keeps unprofitable fishing

As the only organization that can draft global agreements to curb harmful subsidies, the World Trade Organization WTO has the power to regulate fisheries subsidies. Negotiations on this are now at a crucial stage. Governments have subsidized their fleets for centuries for a variety of reasons: food security, pressure from industry lobbies, or simply national … Read more