Ben Affleck and Matt Damon danced on the Subway for money

Ben Affleck He was a guest on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’, hosted by Kelly Clarkson, where he revealed that in the past he and his friend Matt Damon They tried to earn a few dollars dancing on the Metro.

The actor said that in the mid-1980s he used to dance break dance along with Damon, who she recently said about a movie nearly ruined their friendship, which is why they both wore nylon tracksuits at the time.

“The tracksuits are nice,” Affleck said and continued, “They were just a fine nylon fabric. But that was cool and we used them and we wanted to be cool. “

Then the actor spoke of his intentions to dance, “So we learned to dance break dance And then Matt said, ‘If we could get some linoleum and put it on the Metro, we could do some of our moves and get a hat out.’

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon at the Venice International Film Festival in 2021Getty Images

Unfortunately, the actors did not succeed, as they did on the big screen, as Ben recalled that they did not make a lot of money with their dance, “I would not say that nobody put quarters in the hat. I think they passed with pity and amazement, “he recalled with a laugh.

He then described the steps he did a bit, “There was a lot popping, locking Y back spinning. Matt tried to make a windmill, but he never got the hang of it. I could do the back spinning and the kick after warming up ”, but he clarified,“ If you ask me to do it now, you would end up with a lawsuit, because it would mutilate me immediately ”.

The actor also said that there are many people who try to make fun of him by remembering his way of dancing, but commented that he does not care, as he always had his own spirit and his own energy when he danced.

Clarkson responded with humor, saying that his words implied that he had not been very good at it. break dance, “That means you can’t dance. That means you have no movements ”.

Affleck and Damon have one of the longest-lasting friendships in Hollywood, breaking into the film industry with the 1997 film ‘Good Will Hunting,’ directed by Gus Van Sant, of which they are also authors of the script.

Last year they worked together again on the film ‘The Last Duel, in which they also participated in the adaptation of the script and acted.

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On their first tape, a few weeks ago, Matt Damon said that they almost ended badly writing it, “I mean, I think ‘Good Will Hunting’ took us so long. We were like unemployed, penniless kids. It took us forever to write that story, “and he continued,” I think we wrote thousands and thousands of pages. I don’t think we really knew what we were doing. “

However, everything came out, the script was filmed, it got nine Oscar nominations, of which it won two, best screenplay, for friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck; and the other for the actor Robin Williams, in the category of best supporting actor for ‘Good Will Hunting’.

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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon danced on the Subway for money