Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, love and a lot of humor

Last Sunday, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, famous and anonymous couples showed their love, many of them in public. Social networks became a hotbed of displays of affection and from Madonna, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady until sovereigns of the Netherlands, Guillermo and Máxima, all posed to record what unites them.

One of the couples that arouse the most tenderness is the one formed by the actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. In their respective Instagram accounts, the couple congratulated each other in a very original way. The interpreter of Deadpool uploaded a video of his wife sledding through the snow in slow motion, plus a photo of both of them in formalwear and dancing together. But the one that has surprised the most and has been crowned as one of the best Valentine’s Day videos is the one that has posted who was the protagonist of the successful series Gossip Girl. She has published a fast-motion video where they are seen both in what appears to be the bathroom at home, and where he applies hair dye with all the skill of which he is capable. “From that time I would have killed my hairdresser”, reads his caption.

Lively and Reynolds have built a fun connection with their community of fans (he has almost 37 million; she, 28), but also deep and in their own way. They draw attention to the fun and lightness that their publications transmit, in which they show such well-known friends as Taylor Swift or Mark Ruffalo, they post humorous memes (as with the United States senator Bernie Sanders), they get messy eating hamburgers in the car or they they stick their fingers up each other’s noses. But also, based on humor or more serious, they seek to transmit messages that are relevant. For example, last October they showed how they went together to vote early in the US elections, the first in which Reynolds, born in Canada, could participate and encouraged everyone to exercise their right.

But their actions do not remain only in the facade that networks often suppose. In mid-March, with the coronavirus pandemic just starting, the couple announced that they were aware of the impact that the crisis was causing on the most disadvantaged families, and that together they had decided to donate one million dollars (825,000 euros) to two associations (Feeding America in the US and the Canadian Food Bank). They also urged people to help: “We can all do something for each other, even if it is to stay at home,” wrote Lively, ending with humor. “And someone tell Ryan that the” emotional distance “from his mother-in-law is not going to be able to be. You do not have an escape”.

Also in June and in the wake of the events that occurred after the deaths of George Floyd or Breonna Taylor, they decided to donate $ 200,000 (about 165,000 euros) to a prestigious human rights fund. Shortly after, they themselves publicly regretted a past bad decision, proving once again that apart from celebrities who look fabulous on a red carpet, they are also human. In August they made a public apology for having been married a little more than eight years ago in what was a former slave plantation. “It’s something we will always deeply and unreservedly regret,” he said: “At the time what we saw was a wedding venue via Pinterest. What we saw next was a place built on devastating tragedy. Years ago we got married again in our house, but shame works in a strange way. It can make you shut down or rethink things and take action. It does not mean that you will not be wrong again. But reshaping and challenging social conditioning is a job that has no end, “he said about the racist connotations of the place.

Not a single image emerged from that wedding eight years ago. It was the first for her and the second for him, having spent two years with Scarlett Johansson. Because they, very public for what they want, are also closed in what they do not want to tell. In fact, little is known about his family. The actress has had three pregnancies and together they have three daughters, but hardly any photos of them have even been seen nor have their names been revealed at their births, but little by little. James is called the oldest, almost six years old, Inez the second, born in 2016, and the name of the third, the smallest, from summer 2019 is unknown. There has been speculation with Betty, a name that also has a song by Taylor Swift in which the singer also quotes two characters named Inez and James. His parents, of course, have not confirmed it. They will do it on any given day in the middle of a joke or playing together. In the most naturally studied way.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, love and a lot of humor