British pop star Sam Smith asked not to be referred to as “he” or “she”

English singer Sam Smith.

Pop star Sam Smith declared himself a non-binary person in early 2019. In other words, it does not identify with the female or male gender. Now, the British asked that when they refer to their people they use the pronoun “they” or “them”, which are used in English to refer in a neutral way to someone who does not identify with either sex.

After a long time of being at war with my gender, I have decided to accept myself for who I really am, inside and I am excited and I feel privileged to be surrounded by people who support me in this decision, but I was very nervous because I am very concerned about what people think, “wrote the 27-year-old artist on his Instagram account.

I understand that there are many errors around the gender issue, but I ask that you please try. I hope that now you can see me as I see myself. Thank you, “added Smith.

The pop star said she hasn’t had a chance to speak in depth about what it’s like to be a non-binary person, but promised to do so soon.. “So for now I just hope to be visible and open, if you have questions, I will do my best to explain,” he concluded.

Likewise, Sam Smith said that he did not have a chance to speak about what it means to be non-binary, and that he hopes to do so soon.

British singer Sam Smith. (Photo: instagram samsmith)
British singer Sam Smith. (Photo: instagram samsmith)

What is the gender “non-binary” like?

It would be necessary to start from distinguishing between the concepts of sex, according to genitalia, and gender, manifested as a male-female binary construction.

In a general sense, by sex we understand the anatomical and biological characteristics that are related to what we believe to be a male and a female. And when we refer to gender we speak of a cultural, historical and situated (and therefore arbitrary) construction, on the basis of the sexes. For example, cis people are defined as those whose gender identity matches the sex assigned at birth and trans people as those who identify with a gender other than the sex assigned to them when they were born.

But “there is no type of genitality capable of determining a gender”, according to Lucía Ciccia, doctor in Gender Studies, graduate in Biotechnology and associate researcher at CIEG-UNAM (Center for Research and Gender Studies of the National University of Mexico) .


Thus, outside of gender binaryism, there are people who do not identify with either the masculine or the feminine … they are non-binary.

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) explains on its official site that most people, including transgender people, identify as either male or female.

But some people don’t necessarily fit into one of the categories of ‘male’ or ‘female’, ‘male’ or ‘female’.


Neither masculine nor feminine: this is the non-binary gender with which the singer Sam Smith is recognized

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British pop star Sam Smith asked not to be referred to as “he” or “she”