Curiosities on the sets: from a misunderstood eulogy by Meryl Streep to an unusual bet between Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp

The production process of a feature film can take months and even years. During a shoot, the coexistence between actors, actresses, technical team and directors is usually intense. The case of the hit movie Netflix, Don’t look upIt was particular, because it developed in the middle of the pandemic. The entire cast functioned as a bubble from November 2020 to February 2021, enough time for jokes and anecdotes to abound. One of the most viral was the uncomfortable misunderstanding that Meryl Streep led to a nickname from her younger colleagues.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence said that her colleague Meryl Streep did not like that everyone on the set of the film referred to her as “the greatest of all time.”. The misunderstanding arose from the acronym in English for the greatest of all time (GOAT-Greatest Of All Times). This acronym is written the same as the word goat in English (goat).

During her appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show, Lawrence revealed Streep’s reaction to how she was being named by her colleagues. “We say that Meryl is the GOAT. At one point we were doing a photo session and when she arrived I said: “The GOAT.” And Meryl responded offended: “That’s right. Tell this old goat where to go”. Confused, Lawrence clarified to Meryl Streep that he was not trying to insult her, quite the contrary.. “I said,” Meryl, you know that GOAT means the greatest of all time, right? ” And she reacted with a “Ohhhhh! No!”.

The self-perception of the actress in front of her younger colleagues was striking, to whom it was unprecedented that Streep could even think that she was being joked disparagingly because of her age. “Stereotypes are in force and are internalized in everyone’s life, even in people like Meryl Streep that she is a consecrated woman and that she continues to make films. Hollywood did not leave her out because of her age, but even so she can feel insecure and lack of confidence, “he said to THE NATION Mariana Massaccesi, gender specialist.

Another of the actors of Don’t look up, Jonah Hill, also made reference to the star’s ignorance of the famous term. In addition, he commented that he used the acronym several times to refer to her during the promotion of the film. “She is so cool. She was not even offended at the thought of comparing her to that animal, “said the actor.

“There is still a social pressure towards old age from women that makes them feel that they are left out, no matter how much they are flattering,” explained Massaccesi. The actress, who at age 72 was awarded an Oscar three times for her performances in The Iron Lady, Sophie’s Choice Y Kramer vs. Kramer, seemed to be relieved once the situation was cleared up and he did nothing but take the confusion with humor.

Apparently it was so hot on the set that Harrison Ford y Sean Connery They had to take steps to avoid appearing sweaty on screen. What they decided was to shoot without pants and, in fact, they filmed a whole scene with their legs in the air, since the shot was only from the waist up.

It is said that during filming, Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz made a bet. What transpired was that Cruz lost and had to pay his debt to Depp. The punishment that the actor requested was that the actress disguise herself as excrement. Depp himself got the costume inspired by a South Park character: Mr. Cairn, for the iconic Spanish actress to wear, who would have kept her end of the bargain. According to the diva, Depp keeps pictures of himself in the costume.

Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in the fourth installment of Pirates of the CaribbeanArchive

One of the most acclaimed filming stories by Marvel fans stars Chris Pratt, who stole the costume of his character, The Lord of the Stars (Star-lord), to go visit sick children at a hospital in Los Angeles.

The cat that appears in the scene where Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) He has a meeting during his daughter’s wedding, he was a stray. The actor stroked him while rehearsing the scene and Francis Ford Coppola decided to quit. What was unexpected ended up becoming one of the most iconic scenes in film history.

Lindsay Lohan, the actress who held Paul Schrader hostage

During the filming of Dark temptations, went out to eat and spent $ 600 on sushi with money from the production whose total budget was $ 260,000. Its director, Paul Schrader, it was declared “Lindsay’s hostage for 16 months” upon completion of filming. No insurance company in Hollywood is willing to cover your contract policy. Why will it be?

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay LohanArchive

Faye Dunaway and her unusual reaction on the set of Chinatown

Roman Polanski y Faye Dunaway
Roman Polanski y Faye DunawayInstagram: @romanpolanskipoland- @fayedunawayofficial

Nobody liked Faye Dunaway. “Every time we were ready to shoot, she demanded that they comb her hair again,” recalled her partner in Bonnie & Clyde, Estelle Parsons. But the filming that summons us is that of Chinatown, which was so tense that, according to rumors, Dunaway even urinated into a glass and threw it at Roman Polanski, the director, because he would not let her take a bathroom break.

The filming of Blade: Trinity, a true nightmare

During an argument he had Wesley Snipes With the director of the film, the actor tried to strangle him and then suggested that he leave the production. “Why don’t you go?” the director replied. “We already have all your close-ups, we don’t need you.” Since then, the star only communicated with the rest of the team via post-its who signed as Blade, the same name by which he demanded that everyone address him.

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Curiosities on the sets: from a misunderstood eulogy by Meryl Streep to an unusual bet between Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp