Epic response to actor Ryan Reynolds talking about Barcelona: “Pretty, but…”

Ryan Reynolds He is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today. The 44-year-old Canadian actor is a performer who almost everything he touches becomes successful, except for the unfortunate film version of the superhero he starred in. Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds / @vancityreynolds

ryan reynolds linterna

Ryan Reynolds in ‘Green Lantern’

ryan reynolds dead pool

Ryan Reynolds en ‘Dead Pool’

Reynolds is an interpreter who secures large amounts of profit at the box office of the films in which he appears. The list of films that have hit him badly is long, and will be expanded when his long-awaited new film is released, Free guy.

the actor of Dead Pool, The Proposal, X-Men Origins, Blade Trinity or The Guest is, apart from an excellent actor, a sarcastic guy and a lover of troleo. Mythical are the chicken hair that he and his partner, the actress Blake Lively, when in networks they are released with sarcasm and irony, about something that one or the other does.

ryan reynolds blake lively

Ryan Reynolds y Blake Lively

Reynolds is what is known as a horny, and as little as possible, leave a record. Like it just happened. But this time, he’s had his own medicine from a spanish director who knows him very well.

But let’s go in parts. Ryan Reynolds starred, in 2010, one of the most talked about movies at the time: Buried. A disturbing, distressing, claustrophobic film, where he played the role of Paul Conroy, a man locked inside a coffin of wood, an American civilian working in Iraq who wakes up buried, and goes crazy trying to get out of there only with the help of a Zippo lighter, a pen and a BlackBerry.

A sensational film, nominated for 10 Goya awards, such as best film, actor or director, which was directed precisely by the magnificent Rodrigo Cortes.

The Galician filmmaker directed Ryan Reynolds for 17 days of work, from all imaginable angles within such a small space. And a great friendship was born between the two. And now, eleven years later, Cortés has responded in a sublime way to a question that Reynolds has raised in networks.

ryan reynolds rodrigo courteous

Ryan Reynolds and Rodrigo Cortes

Cortés has begun by retweeting a comment on his iconic film on networks, and one of those who has responded to the publication has been precisely its protagonist, a Ryan Reynolds who has begun by praising the film beautiful barcelona where “rolled for 17 days”, in addition to being full of praise for the director: “Rodrigo Cortes is brilliant“.

Now, right away, she takes her cunt out for a walk and wonders: “…But I will never understand why we went to Spain. The film takes place in a coffin.

ryan reynolds tuit

Immediately, the response from Rodrigo Cortés himself was not long in coming, to frame, justifying because he made him come to Barcelona and spend 17 days recording, despite not coming out of a coffin: It’s the Barcelona arena, dear friend of mine. Very specific. With a very particular texture, subtle and strong, capable of filtering through the most elusive cracks without subtracting a bit of emotion from the shot. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do“.

rodrigo cortes tweet

Sparkly. Two talented men with a great sense of humor. You want the two to have a new collaboration again. Something good will come of it, for sure.

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Epic response to actor Ryan Reynolds talking about Barcelona: “Pretty, but…”