Fans criticize Kourtney Kardashian for ‘changing her style’ while posing in a rock t-shirt in the middle of an affair with Travis Barker – Home

KOURTNEY Kardashian fans criticized reality for “changing her style” after getting into a relationship with her fiancé Travis Barker.

The 42-year-old posed in a Guns N ‘Roses shirt and leather jacket for a series of new photos, and fans believe it’s all down to her drummer boyfriend.

On Thursday, Kourtney shared a collection of new photos, all selfies of her in a Guns N ‘Roses t-shirt.

Along with the band’s t-shirt, she donned a leather jacket and wore her black hair in a high ponytail.

She finished off the rocker look with a natural pout, tanned face, and let the focus fall on her eyes, which were made up with long lashes and thick mascara.

Kourt also ran black eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines for an even more dramatic look.

In the first click, he was staring at the camera, while in the second he saw her duck face as she looked to the side.

He winced at one of the others, with her sticking out her tongue and touching her closed eyelids.

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The final shot was a close-up of her face, right in front of the lens.

“Use your illusion,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians student captioned the post.

Fans accused her of changing her style to match that of her rocker boyfriend Blink-182.

One annoyed follower commented, “You adjust to every person you date.”

A second wrote: “As beautiful as it is, there is not a shred of originality.”

Some wrote sarcastically that she is “very nervous now,” while others joked that this was her way of saying to her fiancé, “Trav look im punk rawk!”

Kourtney’s style isn’t the only change that has plagued fans since her romance with Travis began.

The reality star and her fiancé have come under fire in recent months for their consistent PDA-filled photos and videos.

The 42-year-old reality star and 46-year-old drummer got engaged in October and have been together for about a year, sharing kissing photos and more along the way.

The couple is usually seen hugging and kissing, snuggling and straddling their social media posts.

Fans have often called them “over the top” PDAs, and they weren’t especially happy to see the couple act this way in a TikTok video with Kourtney’s daughter Penelope.

Kourtney and Travis joined the nine-year-old for the social media video, with fans criticizing the pair for turning an innocent clip with Penelope into a “PG 13” video.

In the images, the trio spun in circles as the song Helicopter played in the background.

They laughed as they went around and around until Kourtney and her man stopped for an intimate hug.

Before the video was cut, the young man turned around and caught the couple stroking their necks.

Fans were upset by the ending and criticized the couple for their incessant PDA, with one asking, “Why did they just randomly start hugging?”


Followers of Kourtney and Travis have been begging them to “leave” the constant PDA in their online content.

The flood of comments came again last month when Travis kissed her foot in an Instagram photo.

He captioned the post, which showed him kissing the sole of Kourtney’s foot, “All I want for Christmas.”

Kourtney responded in the comments, “You’ve been really good.”

Sending everyone into a frenzy, one wrote, “Travis wtf,” while another said, “Me what?”


In recent months, fans have also criticized Kourtney for all of her PDA with her fiancé.


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Fans criticize Kourtney Kardashian for ‘changing her style’ while posing in a rock t-shirt in the middle of an affair with Travis Barker – Home