For these reasons you CANNOT miss this film with Anthony Hopkins – Spoiler Time

The awards Oscar They are getting closer and closer and it is time to see all the nominees. If you still do not decide to see The Father, the directorial debut of the French playwright Florian Zeller that explores old age and the advances of senile dementia, below we will give you 7 reasons for you to do so.

1 Anthony Hopkins

The Father gives us what is, perhaps, the best performance of Anthony Hopkins throughout his career And, the truth is, to say that when we talk about an actor of the caliber of Hopkins, its alot. And yet it is not an exaggeration. Hopkins manages to show us the confusion, terror, frustration and pain of this man who begins to lose control of his own mind with great sensitivity and mastery. Truly unmissable and completely deserved his nomination for Best Actor at the awards of the Academia.

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2 Senile dementia from another perspective

The wonder of The Father is that, for about two hours, it puts us in the confused mind of Anthony, this man who suffers from senile dementia and, from there, we will perceive reality. It is a different approach, which shakes the viewer with the ups and downs of the memory of Anthony, confusing him and making him empathize with the character.

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3 Theatrical origin

The Father has its origins in the theater, since the film is an adaptation of the work of the same director, Florian Zeller, which is part of the family trilogy that is completed with Mother Y The son. As a play, it has been incredibly successful and has served its performers as well as Zeller Numerous awards. Will you repeat the success with the film awards?

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4 Olivia Colman

When you have a giant on the screen of the caliber of Anthony Hopkins it’s hard to find a pair to keep up with you. However, this is not a problem for The Father, who joins the actor with Olivia Colman, an impressive talent who would not be surprised to once again win an award from the Academia to your house. Colman, with his interpretation of Anne, gives the film the right emotion and becomes that character with whom it is very difficult not to feel identified and suffer from the impossible decisions that must be faced.

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5 A scenic maze

The entire film takes place within an apartment that is, at the same time, the multiple spaces it occupies. Anthony during his life and, also, the labyrinth in which he feels trapped due to the degeneration of his mind. Its nooks and crannies, its changes in furniture, its many doors that open and close serve to show us how, little by little, the character is losing control of everything that surrounds him. The camera, which follows him through those corridors and those turns of corners, makes us also feel that despair and that confinement, that oppression and that fear that he feels Anthony.

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6 Ludovico Einaudi’s score

One of the joys of Anthony, the protagonist of The FatherIt is listening to classical music and it will be this style that will accompany us throughout the film. The score from the movie, what brings wonderful drama to every scene, was in charge of Ludovico Einaudi, who, curiously, also handled the music of another nominee for this year’s awards: Nomadland.

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For these reasons you CANNOT miss this film with Anthony Hopkins – Spoiler Time