Francesc Garrido, the Robert Mitchum of Gelida

The protagonist of the series ‘I know who you are’ –3.1 million viewers saw the first episode– admits his debt to the bad boy of Hollywood

Francesc Garrido (Barcelona, ​​1969) venerates Robert Mitchum. So much so that he confesses to having been inspired by him to give life to his amnesic character of ‘I know who you are’, the black series of Tele 5 which had a great reception last week (3,170,000 viewers). Garrido plays a scheming man who seems to have lost his memory after an accident. He does not remember that he is married, has two children, and is the owner of a law firm. He is accused of the disappearance of his niece, of whom he claims to know nothing. Is your amnesia true? Are we in front of the villain of the story?

Either way, the role of bad guy suits Garrido well. “Playing the villain is more fun,” confesses the actor, who gave us the creeps in the black and splendid film ’25 carats’, where he was engaged in dealing (is a way of saying it) with defaulters. To your movie idol, Mitchum, the bad ones were also going to him. In fact, he was the hollywood bad boy (in reality and in fiction). When asked by a journalist why he had decided to star in ‘The night of the hunter’ his response was: “The director called me to propose a script about a real son of a bitch.”


The passion for tough and rogue roles is not the only thing that unites Garrido (‘The time between seams’, ‘Isabel’, ‘The adoption’) with its revered Mitchum. The disregard for fame, red carpets and the circus that surrounds the world of cinema also unites them. Have you seen Garrido many times starring in the pink press headlines? What’s more, do you know anything about Garrido that isn’t strictly professional?

The American claimed not to have seen more than 4 movies in 10 years. The Catalan confesses not to watch series

When, in 1993, Mitchum was invited to San Sebastian Festival to receive the Donostia award, asked for an activity plan. The organizers proposed a few official receptions and meetings with the authorities. Completely horrified, Mitchum He replied that he preferred to stay in his quiet ranch without so many tuxedos or ties, he assures Diego Galán (ex-festival director) in the hilarious book of anecdotes about the contest ‘Jack Lemmon never dined here’ (Plaza & Janés). The management corrected and insisted that he would only have to give a press conference and receive the award. Only then did the toughest guy in the movie world accept. He arrived in San Sebastián, but the suitcases were lost on the way. The organization provided him with clothes and when his luggage finally appeared, the actor returned shirts and underwear that he had not used. “This way they will reimburse you for the money in the store,” he assured. Can you be less of a star?

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Toughness is not just a matter of character. Also physical. Mitchum’s face – who died in 1997 at the age of 79 – spoke volumes about what he had experienced. The face of Garrido It is one of the most manly on the current scene. Although his biography is not nearly as busy. The protagonist of ‘Ryan’s daughter’ (David Lean, 1970) in his early days spent lounging around and smoking marijuana. He was a factory operator and a professional boxer, he remembers Juan Tejero in ‘The Wild Hollywood Group’ (T&B Editores).

Mitchum he preferred the tranquility of his ranch Santa Barbara (California) and Garrido, the calm of Gelida. Mitchum confessed to not having seen more than four movies in 10 years. Garrido, who is a movie buff, does not watch series. “I must be the actor who watches the fewest series. Because I don’t have I don’t even have a television antenna.” Garrido and Mitchum. Mitchum and Garrido.

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Francesc Garrido, the Robert Mitchum of Gelida