Jeff Goldblum: a vital model

We don’t really know how he does it, maybe it’s a matter of his eccentric and natural charisma, but the fact is that Jeff Goldblum, far from losing the mojo over the years, he has only been gaining it. In recent years, already in his sixties, he has definitively established himself as the epitome of cool: inspiration from memes, style idol and life model, an actor required from all angles of the industry to give personality to the most diverse fictions.

Or not fictions. One of his latest projects is ‘The world according to Jeff Goldblum’, National Geographic documentary series in which Jeff embarks on various informative adventures to explain the world of sneakers, or ice cream, or tattoos, from his restless gaze. The series opens in Spain next Tuesday, the 24th, as part of the Disney + offer.

For those of us who love Goldblum, this title alone is reason enough to shell out the umpteenth fee for a streaming service that is needed. We are talking about a series really for fans of the actor, because here he is the absolute protagonist in a way that he has not been for a long time.

On the arm of Geena Davis

Early in his career, it took the actor more than a decade for us to learn his name. He usually says that it was Philip Kaufman who gave him, in the filming of ‘The Invasion of Body Thieves’, freedom to develop his most peculiar and singular impulses, his most jazzy ways of speaking and gesturing. Before, he had had small roles in ‘California split’ and ‘Nashville’, Robert Altman, who offered him a character with more prominence in the 80s in ‘Tres en un diván’.

That decade began with cult titles such as ‘Reunion’ and ‘When the night comes’, followed by the movie with which he was really noticed: ‘The fly’, of course. In the great remake of Cronenberg From the 1958 little horror classic, Goldblum was Seth Brundle, a scientist who accidentally merges with a fly during a teleportation experiment. His degenerative process made the hair stand on end and the heart in a fist, the latter because we were, in essence, before a tragic love story.

She is not the only one in which she has shared a poster with Geena Davis: before there was ‘Transylvania 6-5000’ and after ‘The girls on Earth are easy’. Davis was also the second of three wives, between 1987 and 1990. Before (1980-1986) he was married to actress Patricia Gaul. In 2014 he said ‘yes’ to former Olympic gymnast Emilie Livingston, three decades his junior. Goldblum is still in his best form.

Blockbusters hero

After ‘La mosca’, Goldblum did not become a mainstream figure to use, but accepted, one after another, the most unusual projects possible, including the rare bird of Spanish cinema ‘The dream of the crazy monkey’, by Fernando Trueba. If you had a project outside the norm, Goldblum wanted to be in it.

In the 90s, he returned to the forefront of Hollywood as Dr. Ian Malcolm from ‘Jurassic Park’; in the sequel ‘The Lost World’ he had more prominence by popular request. Another ’90s blockbuster that Goldblum enhanced with his mere presence was’ Independence Day,’ in which he played an expert telecommunications engineer and vending machine for memorable phrases.

He was also, two decades later, in ‘Independence day: Counterattack’, but of those years it is more worth remembering his creative relationship with Wes Anderson, settled and strengthened in ‘The great Budapest hotel’ and ‘Isle of dogs’ after having started in 2004 with ‘Life aquatic’. Also for the past decade, Jeff tried to bring electricity to television (in the series ‘Law & Order: Criminal Action’), but soon became too self-conscious and looked in another direction.

Goldblum needs to have fun in life. And that can be translated into improvising as a villain in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, recording vocal jazz albums (he already has a couple) or explaining the world to us in his own way from a delicious series that, according to reports, is cooking second season .

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Jeff Goldblum: a vital model