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Jeff Goldblum is a longtime Hollywood actor and fans are always glad to hear about him. One of his most famous films is, without a doubt, Independence Day – 60%, a piece that celebrates July 4 and also includes one of the most famous lines in the actor’s career. During an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment for the 25th anniversary of the tape, Goldblum confirms that his dialogue “must go faster”, is a wink and tribute to Jurassic Park – 93%, the 1993 hit movie that put dinosaurs back in the spotlight.

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In Jurassic Park, Goldblum plays mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm, who joins the park’s trial tour to see its wonders. When the going gets tough and the chases we all know are triggered, one of the scenes features Malcolm along with two other characters in a Jeep, escaping from the T-Rex while yelling “must go faster”. The same line is repeated on Independence Day when his character and Will Smith escape from the alien mothership with the help of a smaller ship, Goldblum shouts “must go faster” before the closing of the doors and the imminent explosion of the released bomb.

Goldblum has revealed that “must go faster” is indeed an “easter-egg” type of Jurassic Park and that it was proposed by the director of the film, Roland Emmerich:

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He was like, ‘I know what you can say. How about one of those ‘you must go faster’ from the other movie, ‘Really? It’s fine. Come on, Will Smith, we have to go faster. Get out of here before the alien creatures catch us here and kill us. ” I hope that Mr. Steven Spielberg has seen it favorably. We appropriate it with great affection. It was a tribute, it is a French word. It means, kind of a glazed donut, I think.

Goldblum also notes that the original dialogue was added to Jurassic Park by its director, Steven Spielberg. Although many agree that the most famous line of Jeff in that movie it’s “he did it, the crazy son of a bitch did it”, “must go faster” has more points among the American public.

That was a line suggested by Steven Spielberg on set. ‘Hey Jeff, maybe this time…’ I vaguely remember, ‘say it pedantically, academically.’ There was always a cerebral element to this character, I was always trying to make it a little more, you know, fresh and theme-focused, and you know, more spirited. But he said, ‘I want you to say: It must go faster,’ something like that. So that’s what happened then.

In recent years, Jeff Goldblum has had other big box office hits like Thor: Ragnarok – certified fresh tiny92%, a Marvel Studios film that gave the thunder god franchise a surprising boost. This third installment was left to Taika Waititi, with Goldblum taking charge of playing the Grand Master, a hilarious character who subdues Thor and attempts to woo Loki during his stays on Sakaar, the planet under his rule. Of course, the film was a total success for the MCU, managing to raise US $ 854 million globally; Given the outlook, of course Disney was not going to let go of Magic and it didn’t take long to secure his command as director for Thor’s next adventure.

Jeff Goldblum He will return as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World: Dominion, a film that will bring back the classic characters from Jurassic Park. It opens in theaters on June 10, 2022.

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Jeff Goldblum confirms that his most famous line on Independence Day is a nod to Jurassic Park | Tomatazos