Jennifer Aniston criticizes the social pressure she has suffered for decades for not being a mother

BarcelonaJennifer Aniston is 52 years old and during the last decades she has made the news on a great multitude of occasions because pregnancies were attributed to her that have never ended up being true. This sad reality is what has pushed the actress to grant an interview to The Hollywood Reporter in which she has addressed this issue head-on and also motherhood in general located in the context of the global fame that she has. The actress, who has been considered pregnant up to 12 times by the media, finds these speculations about her private life “hurtful” because they do not consider that the woman they are talking about may not have children or become pregnant because she cannot . “I took it all very personally,” both pregnancy rumors and assumptions about whether I wanted children or not, she says. “You have no idea what happens to me personally, medically … Can I have children? They don’t know anything about this … It was really painful and unpleasant, “says the artist, known for her films and also for the success of the series. Friends.

Aniston also points out that not all women in the world really show business have been treated the same on this subject. “Dolly Parton has not had children, but does anyone blame her for it? No, no one has tried to put it between a rock and a hard place, ”he says. She also talks about social pressure looking at the gender gap. “Men can marry as many times as they want, they can marry women between 20 and 30 years old. Women are not allowed to do it. Men in their 30s, by the way, are very different from men in their 40s and 50s. And even at the end of the 20s, which is a completely new world that I am discovering ”, he affirms without specifying more.

Aniston, who is also famous for her romantic relationships, reflects on how some of the media have treated her. “What the tabloids and the media did with people’s lives at that time, people are doing now on social media. In fact, I haven’t looked at a tabloid in a long time … I’m still expecting twins? Will I be a miraculously mother at 52 years old? in this situation of public scrutiny: “[Actualmente] It is almost as if the media has handed over the sword so that anyone sitting behind a computer screen can be a troll or intimidate people in the comment sections. I don’t know why there is such a cruel streak in society ”.

Finally, he also sends a conciliatory message about the people who follow the entertainment world: “People are projected on you, but my job is to tell them:« Listen, I will show you what I am capable of and you decide if you want to enter or not. ». So you disappear as much as you can, you have fun, you assume these weird things, you don’t care, you have fun, you remember that you have a wonderful group of friends and your life is a blessing where you do the best you can. “

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Jennifer Aniston criticizes the social pressure she has suffered for decades for not being a mother