Jennifer Lopez confessed that she suffers from panic attacks

Jennifer Lopez is part of one of the current icons of music and acting, appearing successfully in both markets in recent years. And despite the fact that she has positioned herself as a woman with a strong presence in the world of entertainment, the artist commented that sometimes she does not feel completely safe, which leads her to suffer. panic attacks.

The American has always been shown as a busy woman, not only dedicating herself to music and acting but also to her family and her business. And although she has performed successfully in all these fields, the singer has also had to make several sacrifices for her fame, something that she enjoys but that has sometimes brought her problems.

In an interview with W magazine, Jennifer Lopez discussed various aspects of her career, talking about her busy schedule not only with music but also with acting and her other businesses. And by the way, he confessed that his itinerary becomes so overwhelming that he sometimes suffers from panic attacks.

The singer revealed that she began to suffer from this evil after starring in the 1997 film, Selena. Lopez was overwhelmed by all the attention she received after appearing in the film, saying that people started approaching her in public, and it became unsettling, and from then on she doesn’t go anywhere alone.

“I never thought about fame until I did Selena,” Lopez told W magazine.After that movie, I had panic attacks.. I remember walking down the street and someone yelled, ‘Jennifer!’ and didn’t know who he was. I ran home. From that moment on, I realized that I couldn’t be alone in public. I don’t think I’ve been alone on the street in over 20 years.”

Her panic attacks influenced her relationship with Marc Anthony

In addition to the incident after Selena, Jennifer Lopez commented in her book True Love that it was because of this evil that she ended up clarifying her situation with her marriage to Marc Anthony, leading her to decide on a divorce.

In the book he reviews that he had been ignoring the truth, but his body sent him a message that he couldn’t ignore, writing that ignored her feelings about her marriage to Anthony for so long that she developed anxiety. She says she reached a turning point in 2011 during the time she had to do a photo shoot for L’Oreal.

“My heart was beating out of my chest and I felt like I couldn’t breathe,” the actress wrote. “I was consumed with fear and anxiety”. Lopez writes that she began to panic and told her mother and manager how she felt. She told them that she felt like something was happening to her body, and she felt like she was “going crazy.”

The singer says that people often bury their feelings deep inside until they can’t hold them in any longer. At that moment, she reached her breaking point.

Jennifer Lopez would like to keep a low profile sometimes

Despite her previous experience being alone on the street, the “Jenny From The Block” singer also commented that one of the things she misses is being able to walk around the city alone, since now that she is famous, she cannot travel without the presence of a security team.

During an interview with the AOL series Build, Lopez was asked by an audience member what she would do if she could spend a day in New York without any paparazzi, and without anyone knowing who she was. She said she would just walk around town.

“Honestly, I think I would just walk the streets,” said Jennifer Lopez. “I would walk the streets all day, just back and forth, shopping in stores, maybe sitting outside in a cafe. I really miss the freedom of walking around the city”.

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Jennifer Lopez confessed that she suffers from panic attacks