Johnny Depp effect: haters cornered Mads Mikkelsen, who had to close his Instagram

It is known that the campaigns promoted by haters, they can be the nightmare of the artists. Organized or not, when the insults of the fans begin to flood the social networks of a star, the situation usually ends with the victim of the attack moving away from the web. And that happened recently with Mads Mikkelsen.

As is well known, Warner decided to Johnny depp of the franchise films Fantastic animals. After having made two of the feature films in the saga, playing the charismatic Gellert Grindelwald, the studio fired the actor due to his latest conflicts, in which he was accused of mistreatment by his former partner, Amber Heard, and for starring in other legal problems. And with the intention of keeping the image of the franchise pristine, Warner made the drastic decision to pay Depp an astronomical compensation, and remove him from the series.

A short time later, it was announced that ahead of the third installment of Fantastic animals, the person in charge of interpreting Grindelwald would be the Danish Mads Mikkelsen. The prestigious actor was very enthusiastic about this challenge. And in December 2020, when the news broke, Mikkelsen expressed: “Obviously that the production was going to make the film, and that he was not going to be more involved in the project. But I have no interference in that matter, and I do not know what happened in his private life, I do not know if what happened is fair, I mean that he has lost his job. For my part, all I knew is that the show had to go on, and I really would have really liked to have talked to each other if the opportunity had been given. And the truth is that they called me, and they were really in a hurry about this issue. I loved the script, and I took the job. And I know this is very controversial for a lot of people, but that’s how things happen from time to time. “

In that same interview, Mikkelsen clarified how he was going to inherit Depp’s legacy, trying to find a balance between his predecessor and a new way of seeing the character: “Of course there will be a difference when it comes to Grindelwald, because this time it will be me. And this is the tricky part of the matter, because we are still working. Of course there will be a distance between what Johnny did and what I will have to do. But nevertheless, I have to find a way to appropriate this. In other words, although we have to find some points in common with the past version of the character, with the aim of not completely undoing a job that was done masterfully ”.

With the recent release of the first trailer for Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, the first images of Mikkelsen in action were seen, under the skin of Grindelwald. Faced with that, a sector of the fans took the change extremely seriously, and in the worst way. In just a few moments all sorts of comparisons between Mads and Depp began to emerge, rejecting the replacement imposed by Warner outright.

And even worse, A significant number of haters began attacking Mikkelsen through his Instagram account, making all kinds of offensive comments on his family’s photos, or on other posts related to his personal life. For this reason, and in the face of the incessant attacks, the actor decided to cancel his Instagram account.

Faced with Mikkelsen’s decision, many of the fans who support the change and who loyally follow the actor, started a counter campaign with the aim of asking him to please return to the networks, to share their work and experiences.

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Johnny Depp effect: haters cornered Mads Mikkelsen, who had to close his Instagram