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AFTER the ups and downs of 2021, we all hope this is brighter.

And as we reveal below, for some it is, but for others it is not.

Three of the world’s best stargazers tell us what they see in the tent of the Royal Family, our sports heroes from England, the country’s favorite celebrities and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Royal astrologer Debbie Frank worked with Princess Diana until her death in 1997 and then predicted Megxit in The Sun on Sunday.


THE QUEEN: The best part of your year falls between the eclipse on May 16 and the full moon on July 13. But in autumn and winter he seeks to retire and rest, without his usual attire and march. This year he is heading towards a more peaceful life.

PRINCE CARLOS: He has to work hard trying to resolve differences, proving his worth, and paving a positive path for his royalty. The summer of the Platinum Jubilee places him as the Queen’s right hand man, but he doesn’t like to share the spotlight.

PRINCIPE WILLIAM: He takes a step towards the plate with more duties assigned to him. The October 25 eclipse affirms what it has to offer and is a golden moment for its popularity.

KATE: In February, she amazes us with her attitude of shining. There will be more emphasis on her and William as a strong team. From July to fall, Kate will see a major change on the home front.

PRINCIPE HARRY: You feel anxious as the year progresses, unsure of your place and loyalties. February and April give you the confidence to do your thing and regain your appeal. However, it seems likely that the Jubilee will trigger a major rift with The Firm.

MEGHAN: Although she is not averse to dropping a January bomb, her hands are tied, apparently in response to the Queen taking control. Meghan’s rebellious streak comes in March when she breaks the status quo. In general, 2022 is not a year in which things go the way she wants.

PRÍNCIPE ANDREW: Her participation in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is tailored to 2022. February / March begins two years of confusion and probing into her personal and financial history. A challenging year.


Psychic Jayne Wallace has been described by Kim Kardashian as “the most exceptionally gifted clairvoyant I have ever met.”

She looks at our favorite singers, celebrities and also the Prime Minister.

Psychic Jayne Wallace has been described by Kim Kardashian as 'the most exceptionally gifted clairvoyant I have ever met'


ADELE: I can see her having a baby in 2022 and musically she will do better than ever. 2023 will bring a compromise. She has been through a period where she really judges herself and fall brings new beginnings.

ED SHEERAN: Babies for him too. I can also see political things running through his head. There is a door opening for him in Los Angeles and a shift towards different art forms: painting, photography or more television and film works.

ANT AND DEC: They are disappointed and criticized and I could see them walk away from one of their great shows. Ant has had a good year, but it doesn’t seem as stable as we might think. We should be on the lookout for a tour or stage show.

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: Holly’s aura is made up of really pure red, the color of passion, and purples, which signify intuition. With these guiding forces, this year will be successful, she will diversify and become stronger. I can see her hosting her own show and there will be a four-month opportunity in the United States to consider. Your decision to embrace the spirit world with your new Wylde Moon lifestyle brand will also be successful.

BORIS JOHNSON: His aura is dark gray and totally flat. You are depressed and anxious. The Devil’s card tells us that he is angry. In 2022 its popularity will drop. It faces more backlash. His government is in a losing battle, but Boris is going nowhere. On a more positive note, there is another pregnancy, a girl, for him and his wife Carrie.


Astrologer Demian Allan predicted when England’s fortunes would turn against the Netherlands at the 2014 World Cup. This year, he says Mars will create trouble for the Three Lions.

Astrologer Demian Allan predicted when England's fortunes would turn against the Netherlands at the 2014 World Cup


WORLD CUP: The Qatar World Cup in November and December is not looking good at all. Mars’ position casts doubt on the entire tournament. It will be fraught with problems. For England I can see injury issues, especially broken bones. I predict they will reach the quarterfinals and they are lucky to get there. The winners look South American.

HARRY KANE: He’s raising silverware at the end of the season for the Spurs. Kane hasn’t been shooting all the cylinders because Saturn has opposed his sun sign, rendering it dull. It’s moving again and that will continue in 2022.

JACK GREALISH: Its shape is ready to shrink. His focus next year will be on a relationship with an older woman and a difficult 18 months that will make him suffer in the field. I’m not even sure that the Man City playmaker will play for England when the World Cup starts.

MARCUS RASHFORD: The star will move south next summer. Off the field, fighting for free school meals is what the Manchester United ace must do with his life. You are Scorpio, a people healer, and that will be your focus.

EMMA RADUCANU: The US Open tennis champion will not reach the same heights. With Saturn square under your sun, it will be a breakout year, perhaps with lower back injuries. More success in 2023.

CRICKET: After a disappointing Ashes, 2022 will see progress for England. While I don’t think Joe Root will remain the captain of the test for long, his stars suggest success with both overseas teams and England’s cricket team against South Africa.

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Psychics Share What 2022 Will Bring, Including Babies For Boris Johnson & Adele – Home