‘Red Alert’: 20 years of chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Jhonson: “On set we were like an older couple”

The two actors have been in Hollywood for decades and now they have coincided in the Netflix action comedy. Theatrical release on November 5.

In fiction, John Hartley, an FBI agent, and Nolan Booth, a highly wanted criminal, are the protagonists of Red alert. In real life we ​​know them as Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, two of the most sought-after actors of the moment who work together here under the command of Rawson Marshall Thurber, with Gal Gadot on the team.

Johnson and Reynolds play two rivals in this action-packed comedy. His push and pull is one of the points in favor of the feature film, where the good relationship between the actors is appreciated. Although we are talking about two performers who perform perfectly in humor, the chemistry between them is mainly due to the fact that behind the scenes there is a 20-year friendship. This is how the actor also known as La Roca told it in an interview with SensaCinema.

For the interpreter, the chemistry that works so well on screen comes from the combination of several factors. “It was a combination of what’s in the script [y la relación] con Ryan [Reynolds], which is great with improvisation. I love improvisation. He comes from comedy and I come from wrestling, where there were audiences,” says Johnson, who spent more than a decade as a professional wrestler and is more than used to going out of his way to entertain his fans. “The chemistry just comes from the relationship. We started our careers together. Our films were released at the same time: Van Wilder – Animal Party Y The scorpion king. We were criss-crossing the country at the time doing promotion and meeting up. So we started our careers together.”

We remain friends all these years. So, when we got to the set of ‘Red Alert’ there was already trust, there was no ego between us and there was a lot of love. We became an older couple, with their little fights and anger, and, of course, having a great time

This well-matched couple becomes a threesome with the addition of Gal Gadot. She also agrees that the chemistry between the three actors has made the job much easier. “I think when you’re having fun on set, shooting a scene, it’s always reflected and you see it, you feel the energy on the big screen. Ryan [Reynolds] he’s so clever at these pranks. He understands comedy and would come up with ideas for jokes that we could try. They are two very generous colleagues with whom to workGadot says.

The actress ends up providing the spark that comedy needs and she does it in a role that she is not used to at all: she is the bad guy in the movie. In Johnson’s words, it is clear that he enjoys this change of register. “There is joy in all our eyes because they are characters that we do not usually play at least at the beginning of the film, or at least towards the end. There is a real sparkle in our eyes. I think, especially in Gal’s eyes, because she’s never been able to play the bad guy very often,” says the lead.

Red alert It opens in theaters on November 5 and, a week later, on Netflix, the streaming platform from which it came out.

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‘Red Alert’: 20 years of chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Jhonson: “On set we were like an older couple”