Rihanna has reasons not to want to tour again

Rihanna fans are crying out for a new concert. The singer has not been on stage for four years. Nor has he recorded anything new. She has dedicated herself to her role as an entrepreneur with which she has managed to appear on the Forbes list of billionaires, as the richest female music artist in the world, thanks to her makeup and skincare brand, ‘Fenty Beauty’ and her line of lingerie, ‘Savage X Fenty’. However, there seem to be compelling reasons keeping the Barbadian heroine away from concerts.

When Rihanna offered her ‘777’ tour in 2012, she set out to perform seven concerts in seven countries over seven days. But with so many concerts in various parts of the planet and in such a short time, the singer seems to have had some setbacks, and was late for several presentations. So the interpreter of ‘Umbrella’ ended up with several fines valued at about 250 thousand euros, for her delays in various performances and parties to which she was invited as a singer. The artist was traveling in a private jet to be able to arrive on time for her commitments, however, the aircraft also suffered delays that altered the singer’s schedule, which caused her problems with her representatives at that time.

The fines originated from several flight delays, which has an economic impact, since you have to pay more to keep your plane at the airport and delay all the planning of the concerts.. “His team has to make desperate calls to airports during the night and every hour that is delayed has to pay for new authorizations to fly, which also entails costs at private airports, as there are customs, baggage and security personnel. they have to keep working, ”said the British newspaper ‘The Sun’ about Rihanna’s ‘777’ tour, which ended up costing her a real fortune.

Also in 2012, Rihanna sued her accountants for misbehaving her finances, although they actually accused the Barbadian singer of failing to pay her fees. A judge agreed with the accountants, and asked the artist to cancel a sum greater than $ 47,000 for non-payments. In 2009, the singer also had to pay a fine in New York for doing tattoos without the corresponding permission. The singer approached a friend’s tattoo shop, and ended up becoming the tattoo artist, when the owner of the premises and two other workers asked Rihanna to tattoo an umbrella with her initial. In New York, tattooing without the required license is a misdemeanor, which would result in a fine of about $ 1,100 for the artist.

Rihanna/ Instagram

But those financial problems are a thing of the past. TONow Rihanna is a world-renowned billionaire and, oddly enough, her fortune (valued at more than 1,700 million dollars) has not been generated with concerts or albums, she has done so with her cosmetics and clothing companies. Perhaps that is why the queen prefers to stay away from concerts and focus on her role as an entrepreneur, which is much more profitable for her.

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Rihanna has reasons not to want to tour again