They filter controversial cover of Kylie Jenner pregnant with her daughter and Travis Scott: Fans accuse her of faking a family

Kylie Jenner posed pregnant with Travis Scott for a controversial cover of “W Magazine,” which never came to light. Almost a month after that edition was withdrawn from the stores, fans filter the unpublished images of the couple.

The cover of the publication can be seen in a video released by some fans. According Page Six, the editors decided to withdraw the copy because they considered it inappropriate and out of respect for the families of the 10 people who died during the singer’s tragic concert at the Astroworld Festival.

A source revealed to the outlet that the magazine deleted any vestige of the issue on its website. However, the post, which includes an extensive interview and multiple photos, was already in print before November 5, the day of Travis’ show.

Although Kim Kardashian’s younger sister announced the end of their relationship in 2019, the couple always maintained good communication for the sake of their daughter Stormi, and now they are expecting their second baby, who will be born in a matter of days.

The never-before-seen photos of Kylie Jenner pregnant

On the controversial cover of “W Magazine”, which was also broadcast by the British newspaper Daily MailJenner shows off her late pregnancy in a tight yellow dress with long feathers hanging from her sleeves.

While next to him Travis is seen sitting very close to his swollen belly, he wears a short-sleeved cream-colored shirt with a bird print, he holds a gesture in his hand in which he seems to put something in his mouth and a glass of cocktail.

At the other extreme, the eldest daughter of both stands out, the little Stormi three-year-old, wearing a yellow dress just like her famous mother’s. For the session, a family moment was recreated near a table with some food dishes.

In other photographs, the couple can be seen in a more intimate scene, in which they appear lying in the middle of the sheets.

Several publications, which went viral on social networks, also show part of the interview text: “Travis and Kylie appeared very comfortable under the covers, but although they will soon have two children in common, The truth is that they are not a romantic couple, and they have not been for two years“, can be read in one of the post.

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This is how Kylie Jenner fans react

Faced with the unpublished images, the fans of both celebrities spoke out and revealed their criticism.

“Travis, can you come over so we can pretend to be family?”, ironized one of the Instagram users. “He’s not happy at all, Kylie seems unhappy,” added another. “They just want to have children with a dad. They do not care about marriage or any type of stable relationship, “said another user of the network.

“They seem happy with their arrangement. Stormi’s brother will be born soon ”; “I love the relationship and I think this sucks for Kylie. I hope it has another cover. Even if it’s only with her and Stormi ”, are some of the comments posted on social networks.

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They filter controversial cover of Kylie Jenner pregnant with her daughter and Travis Scott: Fans accuse her of faking a family