Bitcoin for free: 1000 francs free! πŸŽ‰

The following is particularly important for Bitcoin beginners and beginners: Don’t invest money, but patience and time and learn Bitcoin. An investment in knowledge and know-how always pays off.
Nevertheless, it can be fun to own some Bitcoin and try out the new technology;). Money is not necessary for this. How you can get Bitcoin and other tokens for free and for free can be found in this blog post:

A small blog has been running this beneficial directory with ingenious Bitcoin exchanges and services for almost 10 years. Most of these services have been working reliably in Switzerland and have been doing so for years. What’s more: Many of these services offer new customers a bonus. If you take the trouble to register and verify your account, you can easily collect a bonus of CHF 200-300. And with a little investment, even more. And the bitcoin price is volatile. It would probably not surprise anyone if the current Bitcoin price increases tenfold. 1,000 francs then become 10,000 francs; according to mathematics.

Would you like a few examples?

#1 Bitpanda

The Austrian startup Bitpanda worth billions is doing a lot right. Anyone who has an active account with this broker will receive BEST tokens every month. Having an active account isn’t too difficult; one trade per month is enough.

#2 BitMEX Airdrop

BitMEX is one of the major Bitcoin exchanges. And like many other Bitcoin exchanges, BitMEX will offer a native token in the future. If you create an account before February 1st, you will receive 5 BMEX tokens for free at the Airdrop. In addition, 10 dollars in USDT. And whoever recruits friends will receive another 15 BMEX tokens, free of charge. It can be worth it. Because it wasn’t too long ago that Binance gave away tokens. Today a Binance token is worth $ 547.

#3 is still far too little known in Switzerland. And this although this Bitcoin exchange was once headquartered in the Suisse Romande. Meanwhile, Cex has moved to London. How exactly this broker will develop in the currently strict London environment is unclear. After all: Cex often offers a bonus. And not infrequently innovative campaigns via Twitter.

#4 KuCoin

Anyone who has always wanted to become the owner of a Bitcoin exchange in a fairly uncomplicated way should deal with KuCoin. The so-called KuCoin Shares can do a lot and are, so to speak, shares in this company. Anyone who has at least 6 KuCoin shares or stocks earns a fraction of the fees that KuCoin charges its customers every day. You don’t have to buy KuCoin Shares. There are various ways to win or earn these.

#5 Bitrefill

Bitrefill is so target me the most ingenious service in the Bitcoin universe. Charge your mobile phone, book a hotel or shop at Zalando. Yes, thanks to Bitrefill, everything is possible in Bitcoin. Often via voucher or gift cards. Sounds complicated, but it’s super simple and, above all, awesome. If you don’t know Bitrefill, you’ve missed something when it comes to Bitcoin. Oh yes, Bitrefill has been successfully integrating services like the Lightning network for years. Bitrefill gives every new customer $ 5. Thereafter there is cashback on purchases.


Digital currencies are not (only) about money, but about dealing with the new technologies of this world and the token economy. Bitcoin itself is even free in many places. And thanks to learning programs such as Coinbase Earn and many other options and gimmicks, more tokens can be earned with a little bit of effort. Tokens with potential, functions and possibilities. You don’t need money for that.

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Bitcoin for free: 1000 francs free! πŸŽ‰