Bitcoin on record course: More than 100 million tweets in 2021

In terms of social media, 2021 was an absolute record year for Bitcoin with more than 100 million mentions in tweets.

As is well known, the end of December is the time to look back on the year. And with regard to Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, there are some curiosities to report shortly before the end of the year. In 2021, there was not only one new all-time high after another in terms of price. The number of posts on social media has also reached a new high. This shows that public awareness of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general has increased enormously this year.

According to data from Analyseunternehmens Visibrain In 2021 there were 101 million tweets that contained the word “Bitcoin”. Compared to the previous year, this means a significant increase of 350 percent. Of course, the association with news important to the crypto industry is a cause of this surge. In February, Tesla announced the purchase of BTC worth $ 1.5 billion on social media. A little later, the company announced that it would also accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Both incidents resulted in an enormous number of retweets, which automatically increased the number of Bitcoin mentions. At the same time, the MicroStratey CEO Michael Saylor, known as GigaChad, also uses the platform launched by Jack Dorsey to trumpet his Bitcoin maximalism (along with a matching hashtag) to the world – almost daily.

But there was also other Bitcoin news that was hotly discussed on the social media platforms. The biggest increase in tweets was due to the hashtag # LaserRayUntil100K, which is responsible for the laser eyes in users’ profile photos, which are popular in the crypto Twitter scene. The US Senator Cynthia Lummis is considered to be the author of this meme. In addition, the Bitcoin law in El Salvador caused a stir. Only when it is announced, then again when it comes into force in September. And the Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele never misses an opportunity to publicize his country’s Bitcoin adoption via Twitter.

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Bitcoin on record course: More than 100 million tweets in 2021