Creation of the “Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund” –

Jack Dorsey [1], Alex Morcos [2] et Martin White [3] announced today the creation of a fund dedicated to the legal defense of Bitcoin developers. The fund’s first action will be to finance and coordinate the defense of developers attacked by Craig Wright’s company.

“The Bitcoin community is currently under attack on several fronts. The continuing litigation and threats are unfortunately producing the desired effect; in the absence of legal support, accused individuals often choose to capitulate. Open source developers, often independent, are particularly vulnerable to this kind of pressure. In response, we propose to set up a coordinated and formalized response to defend these developers. The “Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund” is a non-profit entity that aims to minimize the impact of legal actions which often discourage developers working on Bitcoin and related projects such as the Lightning Network, Bitcoin-related privacy protocols, etc.

The fund’s first action will be to coordinate the defense of developers called into question by the company Tulip Trading. […].

At the moment we are not looking to raise additional funds for our operations, but we will. if necessary on the instructions of the board of directors for other legal actions or to pay staff. “

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[1] Ex-CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey currently runs the Block company (formerly Square).

[2] Co-founder of Chaincode Labs, a New York research center dedicated to the development of Bitcoin.

[3] Professor of Computer Science at the University of Sussex and member of the Creative Technology Group.

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Creation of the “Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund” –