Crypto investments of the future: Bitpanda launches Bitcoin ETC

Bitpanda is expanding its product range and bringing a new Bitcoin ETC to Deutsche Börse. In the future, the company plans to add more ETC products to give even more traditional investors access to cryptocurrencies.

With the introduction of a Bitcoin ETC (Exchange Traded Cryptocurrency) I would like to bitpanda make a further contribution to connecting the crypto market with the classic stock market.

ETCs are exchange-traded cryptocurrencies that track the price of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Every ETC is 100 percent physically deposited with the underlying asset and is tradable on an exchange similar to stocks. This gives investors a safe and liquid way to trade cryptocurrencies.

The advantage of ETCs is that, unlike a direct investment in Bitcoin and Co., you do not need to have any prior technical knowledge of setting up a crypto wallet. Investors only need a crypto wallet if they want to exchange their ETC products for the deposited crypto currency. The ETC issuers hold the Bitcoin in safe custody and ensure that its origin meets strict know-your-customer procedures and anti-money laundering standards. In addition, taxes are automatically paid with ETCs and investors do not have to worry about the often complicated tax requirements for crypto currencies.

The disadvantage, however, is that you cannot store the physical coins yourself – a core value proposition of Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin and Co. have gained enormous traction”

the bitpanda Bitcoin ETC can be traded in euros on the XETRA electronic exchange. The product is available to investors through their existing bank or broker.

With the introduction of the Bitcoin ETC, bitpanda make the entry into crypto currencies even easier, says Bitpanda CEO Eric Demuth.

The introduction of the Bitcoin ETC and other “Bitpanda Crypto Tracker” represents the next logical step for us to harness the power of cryptocurrencies, digitized assets and blockchain technology, and to develop simple financial products that are accessible to everyone. We expect that investors will tap new earnings potential with the Bitpanda Bitcoin ETC and diversify their portfolios.

Demuth told BTC-ECHO that he assumed that the Bitcoin ETC will primarily appeal to traditional investors who want to diversify their portfolio and gain access to the world of cryptocurrencies. In addition, his company plans to bring further ETC products onto the market in the future so that traditional investors can also have access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto investments of the future: Bitpanda launches Bitcoin ETC