Crypto Life Card (CL): Ledger and Baanx make cryptocurrencies suitable for everyday use

Crypto fans know the problem. Whether Bitcoin, Ether, DeFi coins or NFTs: Crypto applications can be lucrative and provide a comfortable financial cushion. But they are not really suitable for everyday use. If you want to pay with cryptocurrencies, you first have to sell them and have the money paid out to your account. It all costs time and nerves. However, that could change soon.

With the new Crypto Life Card, which is being launched by Baanx and will be compatible with the native Ledger Live app, Bitcoin and Co. can be successfully integrated into everyday life. The crypto credit card makes it possible to pay with your cryptocurrencies or with income from DeFi applications. The conversion of the funds takes place in the background, users do not have to do anything but pull out the card. The selected cryptocurrency is only converted at the moment when the money is actually needed.

In addition, the Crypto Life Card will make it possible to spend money without even having to sell cryptocurrencies. This works by depositing your cryptocurrencies as collateral. Then you can borrow money to deposit this security. Fees only apply after 30 days.

Have your salary paid out in cryptocurrencies with the Crypto Life Card

The whole thing can be managed with the Ledger Live app. So you always have a full overview of your funds, how your portfolio is developing and which of your cryptos are being used for trading.

For the working part of the population, Ledger still has an ace up its sleeve. Because with the Crypto Life Card it is possible to have your salary or part of it paid out in Bitcoin, Ether or other cryptocurrencies.

Do you also want to benefit from the advantages of the Crypto Life Card? Sit down here on the waiting list.

Crypto adoption on the rise

Innovations such as the Crypto Life Card (CL) make it increasingly possible to connect the crypto world with our everyday lives. This is important in order to give the necessary impetus to the adoption of Bitcoin and Co. Because crypto only becomes suitable for the mainstream if it is integrated into everyday life. Ultimately, everyone who is enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies will benefit from this – and many more who will come through the easier handling.

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Crypto Life Card (CL): Ledger and Baanx make cryptocurrencies suitable for everyday use