Happy New Year 2022 – bitcoin.fr

As of January 1, 2021, I had read in the charts (NTF) that bitcoin would reach a peak between $ 70,000 and $ 300,000 within a year. To annoy me it finally peaked at $ 68,950 on November 10th. In the end, the progress of bitcoin between January 1 and December 31, 2021 was “only” 64%. My career as a crypto-fortune-teller therefore ends here. From now on I will read the future in the bowels of nocoiner.

All the same, it was a year rich in events and developments. We will remember in particular:

  • The activation of Taproot on November 14, the biggest update to the Bitcoin protocol since Segwit in 2017, improving the flexibility of Bitcoin’s smart contracts, the confidentiality of multisig transactions, and the scalability of the protocol. But as with Segwit, the effects of Taproot will take time to be visible, everything remains to be built. For a broader view of the technical advances of the Bitcoin and Lightning protocol in 2021, we will consult the latest newsletter from Bitcoin Optech.
  • The 32.5% increase in the number of Bitcoin nodes (from 11,180 to 14,816 according to bitnodes.io) thanks to solutions like Umbrel.
  • The rise of the Lightning Network with a doubling of the number of public nodes (from 15,000 in January to 32,000 in December) and a tripling of the capacity of the network (from 1,050 btc in January to 3,300 in December).
  • Greater decentralization of mining following regulatory restrictions that caused the collapse of the Chinese hashrate (from 60% to 20% according to some estimates). Combined with the rising price, this redistribution of cards gave miners – those who had the good idea not to settle in China – a few months of unprecedented abundance.
  • The growing interest of traditional finance and certain large companies: The investment of Tesla, which today owns 48,000 btc, the repeated purchases of Microstrategy at each drop in price (124,391 btc on the balance sheet) and the launch of several Bitcoin ETFs in the United States.

With regard to France, we will notably remember the success of the Surfin’Bitcoin conference and the documentary “Le Mystère Satoshi” by Rémi Forte.

2022 ?

No clear predictions for this new year. The economist I dissected had the Bitcoin ban at heart, but his liver was too damaged to accurately model the price over the next twelve months.

I also do not know if 2022 will be that of the RGB protocol.

One hunch all the same: it will be an important year for the development of the Kivéclair project.

The team of bitcoin.fr wish you a happy new year 2021.

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Happy New Year 2022 – bitcoin.fr