Launch of the Kivéclair project –

Carried by the African media Chainglob and his four collaborators (Glory, Stewart, Fenelon, and Evariste), Kiveclair is an educational and development project based in Goma in the Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As for the project Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, the idea of Kiveclair is to help disadvantaged local people and facilitate their financial inclusion using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

“In October 2021, we launched a lightning torch on Twitter, then we received other donations to support the victims of the Nyiragongo volcano eruption. We gathered nearly three million Satoshis, which allowed us to help and train a dozen people in Bitcoin (first distribution report, second report, report of the third). This rich experience revealed real potential and made us want to formalize and deepen it: This is how the Kivéclair project was born. »

The first stage of the project Kiveclair will help around fifty people by training them in the use of tools and giving them their first satoshis.

“Each beneficiary will be equipped with a mobile phone allowing the installation of a Bitcoin / LN wallet. Twice a month, for six months, he will then receive a donation of approximately USD 25 in satoshis. On the occasion of the payments, the beneficiaries are invited to participate in a small training session on Bitcoin, followed by a meal or a drink. The communities targeted are the victims of the volcano but also other marginalized populations such as the pygmies. “

Secondly, the team plans to finance a Kivéclair space in Goma for one year and to professionalize the management.

“This is the main stage of the project, as it will establish a place dedicated to the education and coordination of the Bitcoin community of Goma. In addition, the supervision will be professionalized and Chainglob employees will be able to devote themselves full time to the promotion of Bitcoin in Goma and in Africa. The funding will be used to rent and equip a space that can accommodate free meetups, training, employee offices and everything that will be necessary for the development of a network of Bitcoin users. Particular emphasis will be given to developing the network of businesses that accept Bitcoin in Goma. “

The project is notably supported by the Coin Circle.

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Launch of the Kivéclair project –