Raoul Pal: Bitcoin price to 100,000?

Raoul Pal describes his optimistic forecast for crypto currencies: The macro analyst Raoul Pal, founder of GMI and Real Vision, answered the question at the Blockchance conference on December 3rd when the crypto currency Bitcoin will exceed the 100k limit, only briefly and succinctly:

“I think in December.”

He actually meant this year 2021 and believes that the rising performance will continue at the beginning of next year. He also makes a good forecast for the currency Ethereum with a value of over 10,000 by the end of December.

Overall, Raoul Pal believes in a unique development in cryptocurrencies that will lead to an unprecedented redistribution of wealth. As a result of the technological change in the next ten years, the young generation will fundamentally change the world and its processes and chart completely new paths.

Another topic at the conference was the Metaverse, a collective virtual space. In addition to new global communication channels, in the opinion of the macro-analyst, entirely new possibilities for generating income will arise, also since the limitation of real existing resources is no longer applicable. Artificially created spaces are already becoming more and more common in our everyday lives, for example through the virtual trying on of clothes or the inspection of buildings, even if this is only a small start.

According to Raoul Pal’s advice to the young generation:

“You grew up with games and in digital worlds. Use your advantage. It’s an incredible way to rewrite the rules. The way you see the world. “

With developments such as Ethereum 2.0 and a possible ETH index fund, the analyst sees the crypto market on the upswing in the long term. However, it does not rule out setbacks in the meantime, as markets like to take the path of greatest resistance: After a crash, the upward trend is all the steeper.

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Raoul Pal: Bitcoin price to 100,000?