Square Enix CEO Reveals Plans for Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming enjoyed a boom last year. Projects like Axie Infinity, Sorare or The Sandbox achieved tremendous popularity thanks to the creation of new use cases for non-fungible tokens. And so it was not surprising that large publishers also continued to advance into the niche. For example, Ubisoft launched its own NFT marketplace. With Square Enix, the next big game manufacturer is now revealing plans for the prosperous sector within the gaming industry.

Strictly speaking, it’s one New year letter by Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsude. In it, the 58-year-old devotes himself to the most important trends within the gaming scene, starting with the currently omnipresent Metaverse. The fact that Facebook has renamed itself Meta illustrates the enormous possibilities that slumbered in the virtual parallel world. The same applies to the NFT space, although overheated trading activities have been noticed here and there.

Blockchain gaming will gain new status in 2022

He also elaborates on his thoughts on blockchain gaming. Implementing the technology in the world of games has the potential to enable “self-sustaining game growth”. In the long term, every video game could have its own token economy.

This very type of ecosystem is at the core of what I call “decentralized gaming” and I hope that this will be a major trend in gaming going forward. The inclusion of these games will be an important strategic issue for us in 2022.

Yosuke Matsude, CEO Square Enix

Despite the flowery outlook, many gamers remain skeptical about the intentions of game publishers with regard to NFT and blockchain gaming. Ubisoft got a strong tailwind with the launch of its own marketplace. In the survival shooter “Stalker 2” the feedback from the community about the implementation of NFT turned out so negative that the developers unceremoniously discarded all plans. Square Enix must be careful in its efforts to venture further into the blockchain gaming sector that the Japanese publisher does not expect similar headwinds.

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Square Enix CEO Reveals Plans for Blockchain Gaming