That is why BTC Direct is the cheapest Bitcoin exchange in Europe

Would you like to benefit from the recent Bitcoin boom, but don’t know exactly how to do it? In the following article you will find out which requirements you have to meet to buy Bitcoin and how trading on a Bitcoin exchange actually works. You will also receive tips and tricks and find out where you can get bitcoins at the cheapest price. A list of real Bitcoin exchanges can be found here!

How can I buy Bitcoins?

Bitcoins can be bought on marketplaces or traditional exchanges. While marketplaces only act as intermediaries who handle the business between buyers and sellers, exchanges sell the bitcoins directly to the customer. In order to actually purchase the coins and use them later as a means of payment (for example in an online shop), you need a wallet. This can be created relatively simply as a software wallet for a desktop computer or for a mobile device.

And how exactly does the Bitcoin purchase work?

You need to register on the Bitcoin exchange of your choice and create an account. It is important that you go through a process that clearly establishes your identity. With the Bitcoin exchange BTC Direct, this is done, for example, by means of an ID selfie and also sending a copy of your ID. On the one hand, the exchanges protect themselves against possible fraud, on the other hand they are legally obliged to use an exact identification procedure in Germany. Trading bitcoins is comparatively easy after successful registration and confirmation of your account, depending on the selected bitcoin exchange. As usual with other exchanges, buying and selling prices are set at which you can buy or sell coins.

What is special about the BTC Direct Bitcoin exchange?

The specialty of BTC Direct is that, in contrast to other Bitcoin exchanges, the coins are bought but not stored directly. What sounds strange and insecure at first glance is particularly impressive for two reasons: Since the Bitcoins are not stored by BTC Direct itself, hackers also have no access to the cryptocurrency. In addition, the lean business model of BTC Direct without its own wallet contributes to the fact that the coins can be purchased very cheaply compared to the competition. The purchase process itself is also extremely simple and is easily processed using a bank or credit card. Overall, the security and price advantages with BTC Direct clearly outweigh the disadvantage of having to create a wallet with another provider.

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That is why BTC Direct is the cheapest Bitcoin exchange in Europe