The crypto year at BTC-ECHO

2021 was an exciting year for us at BTC-ECHO too. We will remember these moments in particular.

We learned, wrote, fevered, laughed and sometimes we would have loved to cry – you know it, in crypto space it never gets boring. And BTC-ECHO itself has developed further than ever in the past year. Those were our favorite moments.

Hello Berlin-Mitte!

The BTC-ECHO editorial team has been based in the German capital for several years. But slowly it was getting a bit cramped in the small office of a Berlin co-working space. Although the coffee – the real crypto engine of our editorial team – left nothing to be desired there, we moved to our own office in Berlin-Mitte in the summer.

It is very easy to work close to the action and with a view of the television tower. And our new team room offers one or the other opportunity to relax – especially when the crypto market sends us on an emotional rollercoaster again. Our new hobby: coffee tastings to find the perfect BTC-ECHO blend.

All good things are … seven?

But it was not only hot in our offices. In 2021 we also achieved great success with our monthly print magazine Kryptokompass. The circulation has not only doubled and not only tripled. No, it has increased sevenfold.

Yes, you read that right. We are extremely pleased that our crypto-lifeblood, which we pump into the pages of the magazine every four weeks at full speed, is well received by our readership. You can find all information about the crypto compass here.

Nayib Bukele, but live

As part of a delegation of German Bitcoiners and journalists, our social media expert Stefan Lanser and editor David Scheider flew to El Salvador for you to take a closer look at the situation in the new crypto Mecca. In addition to an excursion to the “Bitcoin-spitting volcano” and the geothermal power plant there, we were also there live as President Nayib B Watch announced the plans for Bitcoin City.

The impressions were incredible. The trip was of course one of our absolute highlights of the year. We could definitely get used to tapping our beer after paying a couple of satoshis through Lightning

And so we are all looking forward to a successful year in 2021, despite all the difficulties, and we are full of anticipation for what will bring us, you and the crypto space in 2022. We are sure: it will never be boring!

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The crypto year at BTC-ECHO