The Sandbox – virtual reality of the future

The idea of ​​a “metaverse” has not only existed for a short time, but is currently on everyone’s lips. The term was first mentioned by the author Neal Stephenson in one of his science fiction novels in 1992. Stephenson describes the Metaverse as a virtual space that exists separately from actual reality. Many companies and investors are already taking the first steps towards Metaverse, including Mark Zuckerberg, who by renaming Facebook to “Meta” wants to make it clear what the future of the company may look like. Initially, the idea of ​​a metaverse was rather ridiculed, but now more and more large investors are approaching this idea and seeing it as an opportunity for billions in sales. Many companies are announcing partnerships in the field of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, which are closely related to the Metaverse. Most recently, Adidas also entered into a cooperation with Coinbase, a trading platform for cryptocurrencies.

Special Metaverse games are currently enjoying particular popularity, first and foremost “The Sandbox”.

What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse in which players have the opportunity to buy land, design it as they wish and thus let their creativity run free. The most appealing aspect of it is the ability to make money from it. Users can monetize their virtual experiences and generate a profitable income. With The Sandbox, players can create their own NFTs, avatars and even their own games without having to code or program. In addition, users can purchase virtual real estate and furnish it to suit their taste. With over 160 well-known partners such as Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Atari and many others, The Sandbox has already amassed many players and fans, which also increases the prices of in-game goods and land. Most recently, a property in the Sandbox Metaverse was sold for the equivalent of $ 4.3 million.

Various functions in The Sandbox


With VoxEdit it is possible for users to create NFTs and three-dimensional figures and objects for the metaverse themselves. Once completed, these can be advertised and sold on the sandbox marketplace. Such “ASSETS” are paid for with their own crypto currency “SAND”. SAND is an ERC-20 token and forms the basis for trading and transactions within the sandbox metaverse.

Game Maker:

With Game Maker, as already mentioned, users can create their own games without needing any prior knowledge of programming. These games can also be monetized and offer another opportunity to earn money through the Metaverse and create unique virtual experiences yourself.


A digital property is referred to as LAND in The Sandbox. This property is populated by users with their own games, ASSETS and interactive experiences to make it as valuable as possible. Each COUNTRY is a unique token on the Ethereum blockchain, which can also be sold.

How can you become part of The Sandbox?

To play The Sandbox Alpha, you have to be on the associated website Connect a crypto wallet and thus create an account. Compatible wallets are MetaMask and Bitski. Then you can play the first three levels of the game, for the rest you need an alpha pass. 5000 of these passes will be raffled among all LAND holders, but if you are lucky you can also open OpenSea get hold of one. Holders of such a pass have the opportunity to receive rewards in the form of SAND tokens and NFTs.

The Game Maker and VoxEdit programs can be easily downloaded from The Sandbox website. To buy LAND, you have to use OpenSea again, here the individual digital properties are sold for Ethereum. Digital real estate trading in particular is constantly accumulating more and more interested parties and investors. This already indicates that in the future it may also be desirable for normal consumers to acquire virtual real estate or other digital objects of value. As you can see from the example of The Sandbox, these things are not just status symbols, but have real uses and create new jobs that up until now you could only dream of.

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The Sandbox – virtual reality of the future