Aiburo takama ghochano anniversary full of blue-grass!


  • Popular television couple Neel-Trina got married in February 21
  • This time, on the anniversary of that anniversary, Trina shared a picture of their intimate moments
  • Trina Saha in Maroon Bikini at Goa’s Swimming Pool, Eyeglasses

This time the digital desk: Popular television couple Neel-Trina got married in February 21. But before that, on January 9, was their engagement anniversary. This time Trina Saha shared a picture of their intimate moments on the anniversary of that anniversary.
Trina Saha in a maroon bikini at the Goa swimming pool, sunglasses on her eyes. On the other hand, Neel, the man who loves grass, is sitting with his feet dipped in the water of the pool. Everyone’s favorite Gungun shared such a picture close to her husband. ‘Trinil’ got drunk in the celebration of the anniversary.

By the way, this picture is not current. The picture is a throwback picture of the blue-grass Goa trip. Neel-Trina went to Goa six months ago to celebrate her half-yearly honeymoon. At that time, their friends closed their lenses. Trina Saha shared the photo on her social media and wrote, Happy Engagement Anniversary to my eternal partner Neel Bhattacharya.
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Commenting on his wife’s post, Neel Bhattacharya wrote, ‘I am the market’. Fans have also filled the favorite star couple with good wishes. After being in a relationship for a long time, Neel-Trina tied the knot in 21 years. Fans, however, affectionately call them ‘Trinil’.

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Absolutely star studded Trina and Neel (Neel Bhattacharya). They are a very popular couple on television. Mamata Banerjee herself came to their wedding and blessed the newlyweds. Just a few days later, Neel-Trina officially joined the Trinamool Congress along with his wife Trina. Namdak was always called Nil-Trina because he was close to the ruler. At that time many people thought that maybe they can stand in the assembly elections. However, nothing much happened. However, they have been seen campaigning for different candidates of Trinamool Congress at different times.

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At this moment, everyone knows Trina as Gungun. The series ‘Kharakuto’ starring Trina Saha and Kaushik Roy is a very popular serial. Instead, ‘Khorkuto’ will be seen at 2.30 pm. On the other hand, Krishnakali is the last. From now on, Neel Bhattacharya will be seen in ‘Uma’ series.

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Aiburo takama ghochano anniversary full of blue-grass!