Mithai broke down in tears after losing her mother

This time the digital desk: Mithai Serial is one of the most popular serials on Bengali television. At the beginning of 2022, ‘Mithai Serial’ is at that number one in the TRP list. But suddenly disaster struck the sweet family. Sweets lost mother in the new year. Stone sweets in mourning the death of the mother. It is so broken that it is difficult for the spectators of sweets to hold back their tears after seeing the pain of sweets.

Trina Saha mourns the loss of a loved one
No matter how much Mithai and Uchchebabu talk to each other, Sid has left everything at the wrong time. That is why Netizens have lost their minds. Uchchebabu left everything in the misery of sweets and came running to him. Not only that Sweet could not hold Siddhartha’s side at such a time. Mithai broke down in tears when she got close to Sid. In such a situation, Siddhartha assures Mithai that Mithai should not think that he is alone after his mother leaves. Rather, he will always find Siddhartha near and by his side. After giving this assurance, Sid pulled the sweet on his chest. Then the mother who lost her mother cried and cried.
eisamaySick Mansi went to the hospital by auto
A few days ago, Parvati, the mother of sweets, came to the city. At that time Siddhartha was walking around the city with Parvati and Mithai’s brother Gulti. Everyone was amazed at the way Siddhartha took care of his mother-in-law there. Seeing her daughter’s happy family with her son-in-law, Parvati gets peace of mind. But in a few days, a sudden disaster. Parvati died while visiting her daughter. Which no one could even imagine in a dream.
eisamayAt the end of the twenty-first, the sweetness is triumphant, Kamal Khukumani with papaya
After returning home after completing the mundane work of the mother of sweets, naturally all the members of Modak family are worried about the health of sweets. However, in front of the whole family, Sid said that he would take care of everything. And just like that, Uchchebabu is keeping his own words. Sid is taking care of everything from eating sweets. Siddhartha is even seen wearing a sweet sari. Will this catastrophe in the life of the dessert bring a new twist about seeds and sweets? The sweet series has just completed one year. The audience loved the pair of Soumitrisha and Adrat. Let’s see what other surprises are waiting in the life of sweets and seeds next year.

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Mithai broke down in tears after losing her mother