There was a quarrel with sage Kaushik, I would not talk: Ranita


  • The duo of actress Ranieeta Dash as Bahamani and actor Rishi Kaushik as Archie became very popular at that time.
  • But suddenly the actress withdrew from the ‘Istikutum’ series
  • He stepped out of his istikutum and opened his mouth about what his equation was with actor Rishi Kaushik.

This time the digital desk: In 2011, a series called ‘Isti Kutum’ started on Bengali television. Archie, an urban boy, marries Bahamani, a girl from Purulia village, under the pressure of circumstances. The rest is history. This series has been going on for five consecutive years. The pair of actress Ranieeta Dash in the role of Bahamani and actor Rishi Kaushik in the role of Archie became very popular at that time. But suddenly the actress withdrew from the ‘Istikutum’ series. In a recent interview with Digital this time, Ranieeta Dash opened up about her departure from Istikutum and her equation with actor Rishi Kaushik.
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Ranita has done three series so far. In two of them, Sauptik was seen opposite Ranita. Then the new couple Archie and Baha got Bangla television in the series Istikutum. However, in Ranita’s words, ‘There have been days after days on the shooting floor where we have been shooting without talking to each other. There have been many quarrels with sage Kaushik on the floor. However, the workplace is both professional, so let the real life equation on the screen. So will Ranita never work with Rishi Kaushik again in future? In that case, Ranita said, “If the character is good, I am willing to work against anyone. It doesn’t matter who is against me.”
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So the reason for leaving Istikutum is monogamy with the co-actor? In Ranita’s words, ‘I fell ill at that time. The condition is such that the doctor forbids walking. So there is no question of shooting. And I have to shoot for a long time in a mega serial which was not possible for me at that time. Because if the body is fine, I will be able to do it later. ‘ Coincidentally, Sauptik contracted an unknown fever at that time, as a result of which Sauptik had to stay in the hospital for about 15 consecutive days.
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Sauptik was seen in the central character of the Jalnupur series on the same channel at the time when Ranita was doing Isti Kutum. Sauptik-Ranita’s love started from the time of working on the series ‘Blessed Girl’. Then almost 11 years have passed. But after Ranita left Ishtikutum, Sauptik left the Jal Nupur series. Ranieeta Dash has not been seen in the series since then. Although Sauptik is seen later in Loknath serial. At the moment, Ranita-Sauptik has opened her own production company and has become a business partner. Recently, their production company released the first series ‘Khela Shuru’ on an OTT platform

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There was a quarrel with sage Kaushik, I would not talk: Ranita