Banana Side Effects: Banana is beneficial, but the possibility of the opposite in the day kata kite? Learn …

This time the digital desk: Do you also like to eat banana? If you sit down, it is not possible to say how much your love will decrease after reading this article. But yes, your attitude towards the collar is bound to change.

Collar (Banana Side Effects) jury match weight to get energy in moments. But other than that, bananas do a lot of work. This fruit is full of nutritional value as well as good to eat. Playing also burns a lot of calories in the body. The stomach is full a lot of the time. However, no matter how good it is, don’t eat too many bananas (Banana Side Effects) out of greed. There is also the possibility of harm if you eat more bananas like the benefits.

What are they? Take a look

1. Weight gain: A medium-sized ripe banana has 105 calories. Experts believe that eating too much banana (Banana Side Effects) can lead to weight gain.

2. Migraines can be: If someone has a migraine problem, they should avoid banana as much as possible (Banana Side Effects). Bananas contain a substance called tyramine which causes migraines.

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3. Hyperkalemia can cause: This disease occurs when the level of potassium in the blood increases. People with this disease get tired easily. The heart beats irregularly. Eating too much potassium in bananas can lead to banana side effects.

4. Tooth decay: Eating too many bananas causes a lot of damage to the teeth as it contains a lot of sugar. Even more harmful to dental health than banana or chocolate (Banana Side Effects).

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5. May cause fatigue: Ripe bananas contain tryptophan amino acids (Banana Side Effects). The effect of these amino acids is to reduce the efficiency of the brain. The body gets tired and sleeps all the time.

. Nervous system damage: Eating too much vitamin B6 can damage the nervous system. Banana (Banana Side Effects) has an excess of this vitamin so you should not eat too much banana.

. May cause allergies: Bananas are often the cause of allergies (Banana Side Effects). Lips swollen, throat irritated.

. Breathing problems: For those who have respiratory problems, eating too much banana (Banana Side Effects) can increase it.

9. Abdominal pain: Most of the bananas bought from the market (Banana Side Effects) are chemically cooked. In addition, the amount of sugar in bananas is very high. All of this can cause stomach pain.

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10. Problems with constipation: Bananas help in the movement of the large intestine. But eating too much banana can cause constipation (Banana Side Effects).

11. Gas can be: The fructose and fiber in bananas together can cause gas (Banana Side Effects).

12. Problems of diabetics: Due to high sugar content, eating too much banana (Banana Side Effects) can lead to diabetes.

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Banana Side Effects: Banana is beneficial, but the possibility of the opposite in the day kata kite? Learn …