Kashmiri Cuisine: These Kashmiri dishes should be tasted at least once …


  • The people of Kashmir also make delicious food from the lotus flowers that bloom in different lakes of Kashmir.
  • And the life of a food-loving tourist is in vain if you don’t taste all these foods at least once in your life.
  • Breakfast to dinner, snacks to main course will all get a little different taste.

This time the digital desk: Kashmir. This name is enough to make the mind feel good. Blue skies, white clouds, snow-capped mountain ranges, lush green forests, bluish green lakes, winding mountain paths – these are just a few words to describe Dharadham’s paradise in vain. It is a great embarrassment to express the beauty of real Kashmir in words. Those who have visited Kashmir have nothing to say separately. And for those who haven’t been, come back at least once in your life. Otherwise, you will miss the experience of seeing one of nature’s wonderful creations with your own eyes.

However, this writing did not start to write a poem about the beauty of Kashmir. Beauty is given by nature. The residents have made that beauty more like their own. That is why it is natural for any tourist to fall in love with the art and culture of Kashmir while visiting it. Hunting trips, houseboat nights, cashmere shawls, warm clothes, carpets, jewelry, spices, home decor are all interesting things. More interesting food here. The people of Kashmir also make delicious food from the lotus flowers that bloom in different lakes of Kashmir. And the life of a food-loving tourist is in vain if you don’t taste all these foods at least once in your life. Breakfast to dinner, snacks to main course will all get a little different taste.

Nadur Churma
Nadur Churma is a very popular snack in Kashmir. It is made with lotus flower stalk. The tongue will get wet as soon as a plate of salt, salt and spicy smell enters the nose. A small sound will come to the ears. Surut …. The throat will be forced to swallow the water of the tongue. Why not? Do you know what Nadur Churma is made of?
Nadur churma, which brings water to this tongue of Kashmir, is made with lotus flower stalks. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Then it is salted and left in a large sieve. The excess water in the stalk falls off very well. Then they have to be fried in hot filtered mustard oil. Just like fried potatoes are fried. The stem of the lotus fried in filtered oil becomes crumbly. This time Nadur Churma is made by mixing spices, lentil powder etc. well in it. It is good to eat Nadur Churma with tea or coffee.

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Shir wants
When it comes to tea, it is not bad to talk about Kashmir’s special sher tea. Shir tea is a very popular brewery in Kashmir. The color of this tea is pink. Many people call Shir tea Nun tea. It is time consuming to make it from ordinary tea. It takes ice water to make. In a bowl, take ice cold water and boil it with Kashmiri tea leaves, cloves, ella, cinnamon, star anise. The water has to be constantly shaken with the sleeve while boiling. When the water is half dry, add a pinch of baking soda and a little salt. Again it has to be given ice cold water. It’s time to shoot again. When the water is half dry, it should be drained. This dark colored tea can be kept in the fridge for many days. This time the milk has to be boiled very thick with fire and the milk has to be boiled again with the tea boiled in that spice as required. Mix sugar and a little ice water. The color of the tea turns pink. Pour the tea into a cup and spread the crushed pesto and almonds on top. The taste of tea cannot be explained in writing. Shir wants extraordinary in taste, smell and color.

Tehri is a traditional Kashmir dish like Shir Cha or Nadur Churma. This is the yellow rice of Kashmir. Although it looks a lot like polao, there is enough difference in taste and smell with polao. The rice has to be washed well and drained. Take twice as much water as the rice is taken and boil it with a little turmeric. The rice has to be drained and left in boiling yellow water. To give with a little hair. After a while, when the rice is cooked and neat, take it down. Now heat mustard oil in a pan and fry the chopped onion in it. Take yellow rice in a pot and mix it well with salt. Remember to boil the rice but do not add salt. After mixing salt well in the rice, it has to be mixed very well with onion barista and mustard oil. This Tehri Kashmiri tastes great to eat with Aluradam. Tehri is a very common food among Kashmiri families.

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The name is weird. Huh. There is a similarity of name with vegetables. In fact, it is a term for Kashmiri vegetables. This is a very nutritious food. So delicious. Heat a large amount of mustard oil in a pressure cooker and add large cardamom. In it you have to fry finely chopped onion and ginger garlic paste. Fry with salt, chilli powder and turmeric. It has to be boiled very well with water and boiled a little. Now you have to take the whole leaf of well-washed Kashmiri spinach in it and take three whistles under pressure. Haha is great to eat with hot rice or bread. Many people spread mustard oil in it for special tests. Heat a little mustard oil in a pot and spread it over the hake. Its taste becomes impeccable.

It seems that there is no food-loving tourist in Kashmir who has visited Kashmir and has not tasted the mutton recipes there. If you go to Kashmir, eating Rogan Josh is like visiting Dal Lake. But have you ever eaten Kashmir yakhani? Yakhani is a Persian term for meat. However, it is very popular in many countries in South Asia, including the Middle East. Yakhni is cooked in different provinces with their own techniques. Kashmir yakhani is mainly cooked with mutton or lamb. It is not an exaggeration to call it Kashmiri meat broth. In a pressure cooker, take a slice of washed mutton or lamb and boil it in four to five sips with bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves, small cardamom, large cardamom, whole black pepper, asafoetida, fennel powder, cumin powder, whole garlic, small pieces of ginger and salt. Is to take. Once cooked, the meat is separated from the spices by dripping water. As much meat as is taken, the amount of yoghurt is taken in another container and beaten very well. Now heat the pan and stir constantly with the beaten yoghurt. When the yoghurt starts to boil, a large crushed cardamom and a little ghee are added to it. They have to be mixed well with yoghurt. Now it has to be stirred well with the cooked meats. When it thickens well, the meat stock is mixed in it. Many give mint leaves with meat, some give coriander leaves. The meat is quite tasty even if you add Kasauri fenugreek. At this time salt can be added as required by looking at the taste of salt. Raw chillies can be spread vertically on top. At the end, cover the pot and cook on low heat for about half an hour. After half an hour, when the meat is cooked, ghee can be seen to separate from the curd. This means that Yakhni has been created. The delicious yakni can only be eaten. Again with white rice, bread parotta it freezes wonderfully.

The name of the food is Sufta. It does not have much in common with the Shukto of Bengal. It is a kind of sweet. It is a very popular dessert in Kashmir. After so many meals, the last leaf must be sweet. So Sufta. Sufta is a sweet term for dried fruits. Soak cashews, raisins, walnuts, pesto and almonds in equal amounts in water for about an hour. Then the water has to be drained very well and set aside. Heat ghee in a pan and fry small pieces of cheese in it till golden. You have to fry some dried coconut in that ghee. Coconut is to be fried till golden. Stir in the remaining ghee with raisins, walnuts and nuts. Once it is lightly fried, add sugar. Stirring constantly, it has to be stirred again with a little water. When the sugar juice thickens, the dried fruits are mixed in it. At the end it is mixed with fried cheese and dried coconuts. All ingredients are well mixed. Just as we Bengalis get up in the winter with the sweetness of Pithe, Payes and Nalen molasses, Kashmiris also get up with the sweet sweetness made of dried fruits.

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Kashmiri Cuisine: These Kashmiri dishes should be tasted at least once …