Kolkata Kathi Roll: Roll Lover? On a rainy afternoon, make egg-chicken stick rolls like Park Street!

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This time the digital desk: An intense love affair with Kolkata city rolls. This city (Kolkata Kathi Roll) is the address of the best roll in the whole country. So the mystery of the Kolkata roll, the desire to taste it again — none is less interesting. Now, besides beef, they have also made chicken, mutton, cheese and vetch. Cucumber and onion mixed doubles (Kolkata Kathi Roll) are served inside the parotta. But he does not need to go to Goriyahat, Street, Shyambazar or Hatibagan. Knowing the recipe can be made at home. Here is the recipe for making Kolkata Kathi Roll like Park Street.

Egg-chicken stick roll

Ingredients for making roll parota

Flour: 4 cups oil: 3 teaspoons salt to taste.

Ingredients for making roll pur

Medium sized pieces of boiled chicken (200 g boneless chicken). Onions, carrots, cabbage, cabbage, raw chillies, 3 eggs, bitumen, spice, coriander powder, black pepper powder, tamarind sauce or mayonnaise.

Method of making roll parota

Step 1
Mix all the ingredients for making parota together and make lechi by mixing well.

Step 2
Then cover with a damp cloth for at least 15 minutes.

Step 3
After 15 minutes, sand the layer with oil.

Step 4
Then heat the pan and bake the paratas well. Then leave the eggs in the pan with a little oil. Beat the eggs well with a little salt.

Step 5
A certain amount of egg mixture should be poured for each layer (not all at once). Turn the egg-layers upside down and fry until light red.

How to make porridge pur

Step 1
Heat oil in a pan and add chicken pieces, onion paste, carrot paste, cabbage paste, a little green chilli paste, bitunun, chaat masala, coriander powder, black pepper powder.

Step 2
Shake for 3-4 minutes and remove from the heat. Then arrange the pur in the middle of the parotta and roll it with tamarind sauce or mayonnaise

Step 3
Now stick it with a toothpick. By the way, the egg-chicken stick roll with water was made on the tongue.

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Kolkata Kathi Roll: Roll Lover? On a rainy afternoon, make egg-chicken stick rolls like Park Street!