Who’s first! Eggs or chicken, eggs or chicken, eggs or ……?

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Hey hey, stop stop. Omni just said that Eggs If not Chicken Don’t come! I say yes, if there was no chicken, where would the egg come from? Eggs, chicken, eggs, chicken, eggs … chicken …! This does not stop the argument. For so long, there has been no sign of a punctuation mark in the debate over whether the eggs are hatched from chickens or eggs from chickens.

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But this time maybe it is. A team of British researchers has ‘scientifically’ proved that chicken is the first. After the eggs.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield and Warwick in the UK were studying the subject. The researchers claim that the white part of the egg contains a protein called ovoclidin (OC-17). This protein plays an important role in the formation of eggs. And this ovoclidin protein is found in the uterus of chickens. The researchers claim that this clearly shows that the chickens came first. Ovoclidin protein is then produced in her uterus. Eggs are created from that protein.

But … Byomkesh, will the Bengalis who are fans of Felu Mitri give up spying so easily? Many people start using brains and ask the question, ‘Everything happened, but let’s see, then how did the chicken come to earth?’ Is that so … then?

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The numbers are hard to come by. Researchers are tired of hearing such questions. If so, is the whole research of so many days ‘horse egg?’ Hey no no, why would that be? But chickens have a sense of self-respect, so the Bengalis who chew chicken legs on a fee day have asked the question on their behalf!

Besides, it has also given fear to the scientists. The thought is, ‘Don’t worry. You work with the chicken uterus. Look at the origin of the egg … but do not end the debate. If that is the case, then the question will arise about the arrival of the chicken in the dharadham … so! ‘

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Who’s first! Eggs or chicken, eggs or chicken, eggs or ……?