Gf Vip, Alex Belli: “With Soleil I went off the rails, then under the covers …”

Alex Belli was one of the undisputed protagonists of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. Despite his premature exit from the program, he was one of the most talked about tenants of the most spied on house in Italy and continues to be so even if, by now, he is no longer at center of the spotlight. Alex continues to monopolize the attention of the public due to the love triangle which saw him protagonist together with Soleil Rises and his wife Delia Duran.

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After having confronted several times with Soleil Sorge, disappointed by the actor’s behavior, and having found the forgiveness of comrade Delia Duran, Clear speak with an open heart of his experience and of the triangle that overwhelmed him in recent months.

Alex Belli is one of the most criticized and talked about men of the moment, after the twists he managed to give to the public. The actor became the protagonist of a threesome with a high erotic rate, bonding with Soleil Sorge in a friendship that resulted in a hot flirtation. Delia Duran, Belli’s partner, did not like the show offered by the two gieffini and, after months of endurance, she came to the house to announce to Alex the choice of end their relationship. From there the disqualification for having decided to follow Delia, violating the rules of the quarantine, the actor continues to be a great protagonist even from the studio.

And in an interview with the weekly Who made it clear all the truths about the relationship with the influencer inside the house.

«We said to ourselves important things for weeks, but it wasn’t there no promise, no ending other than this. I said in every way that I would go out first and go back to Delia, but Soleil is like that, he only believes what she wants to see. And outside she too has her “superman” waiting for her. I’m not a chatterer, but Soleil is right in saying that happened more out of the covers, and these are things you have all seen and heard. Did Soleil ever take a stake in our future? Only when he sang Vasco’s “don’t let me go away” to me. But I understand that you want to make your own worlds, impose your story, our clashes are endless matches. The GfVip psychologist told us: ‘You two are strong characters, one pulls the trap of the other, and each one in turn yields‘».

Alex Belli then confesses that, after realizing that the their friendship was about to take a different pathstudded with passion and physical attraction, she decided to distance herself not to miss Delia. “I stopped because, as happens in life, friendship between man and woman is possible but, in our case, thanks to that unreal and forced situation of confinement, we went off the platform and something has been created that goes into the emotional part. Since we are big, you can give in, but you have to be aware that real life is more important and the only thing you have to do is walk away. When I heard my study assistant tell me: ‘Delia is sick, she’s lost weight. She began to take it in another direction ‘, I told Sole that I was going out, and she went into crisis. The last kiss between us? It was the truest kiss of all, it was that of goodbye ».

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Gf Vip, Alex Belli: “With Soleil I went off the rails, then under the covers …”