Gf Vip, Eva Grimaldi in tears: this is what Imma Battaglia told her

The meeting between Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battaglia at Gf Vip will remain an unforgettable page. A blow to the heart made of tears and important words. “I love you you can’t understand how much” Grimaldi’s “husband” presents herself in the garden of the most spied on house in Italy. «Whoever finds you finds a treasure and they have lost all those who have let you go in life. You fill me with light without you I am lost. I want to die rhyme of you Eva because my heart doesn’t beat without you, the days without you have no meaning. After 11 years I can’t sleep without you ». Thus he tried to explain Imma to his Eva and to all viewers the unique bond that binds her to his wife. A Christmas, the first, that the two women lived apart. “I wanted to be alone to experience the pain, to understand how much I missed you.”

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Gf Vip, the tears of Eva Grimaldi

Eva was stunned and could not answer but the tears rolled down her face filling her eyes with happiness. Shortly before in a confrontation with Alfonso Signorini not even Grimaldi had spared herself from words of love for her comagna: «Imma was the first and only woman I loved. It gave strength to my flaws. I am a former stutterer, dyslexic thanks to her I picked up the books. You lift my waist in a crazy way. ‘

The story between Imma and Eva

The love between the two women is tangible. Eva and Imma met in 2010 through mutual friends. Grimaldi had just divorced her husband Fabrizio Ambrosio and was experiencing a period of severe depression which also led to addiction to alcohol. Imma, on the other hand, was related to Lucia Nunez. That first meeting between Eva and Imma was fatal: there was love at first sight, and the two girls never left each other again. According to Nunez, a former competitor of the reality show cndotto by Alfonso Signorini, the story with Imma would have ended precisely because of Eva. In short, there was a betrayal, according to Lucia. But on this point the Battle does not want to go into details, even when the last edition entered the house of the Gf Vip she was very elusive on the issue and quarreled with her ex.

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The message to the government

After more than eight years of engagement, the two women got married on May 19, 2019. Today they are a close-knit couple and a symbol for civil unions. And yesterday Imma returned to the subject to send a message to the government: “I take advantage of Big Brother to appeal to Draghi: Make the law on equalitarian marriage, I want to marry you every day”. Eva can’t help herself and bursts with emotion. A unique love message “Thank you Imma because these were the most beautiful words I ever heard in the house of Gf Vip”, thus closes this page of the reality show Alfonso Signorini, with words of incredible depth and greatness.

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Gf Vip, Eva Grimaldi in tears: this is what Imma Battaglia told her