Dolly Parton, a love story in every song

Dolly Parton She is the fourth of twelve children from a very humble family who lived in a rustic one-room cabin. In a documentary about her life, the artist tells that in their childhood they were so poor that they had no chance of seeing a movie or television show. Her songs, then, were the stories she built about everyday life, just looking around.

He was 9 when he started singing on shows radio and television; shortly after he signed a contract with a record label and at age 13 he recorded his first single, Puppy Love, with which it did not go very well. He finished high school and the next day he went to Nashville, the place where he really wanted to be. She settled in with her uncle Bill Owens, who was a musician and helped her get on the music circuit in the city.

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Dolly Parton was writing songs for others at the time, but her career really blossomed when concentrated on country music, which was his. He became very popular when he was featured on Porter Wagoner’s weekly country music show. The two formed a successful duo for many years and it was difficult for her to end that relationship: Dolly Parton wanted to pursue her solo career. Her most famous song, the one that made her rich, I’ll Always Love You, does not allude to a lover, as the movie suggests The bodyguard, but to the separation from an old friend, partner and producer.

Dolly Parton is considered “The Queen of Country”.

Her voice and her songs, her luminous beauty and the exuberant appearance that always characterized her quickly made her “The queen of country”. At the same time he worked on several cinema films. He was, for example, in Cómo eliminate your boss, with Jane Fonda and Lili Tomlin, where she was considered “The new star of the year”.

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He always had a good eye for business. In 1978 she launched a limited collection of dolls bearing her name that wore replicas of her dresses. He published a cookbook called Dolly’s Dixie Fixin’s. He also produced several documentaries and a television series, Heart chords, with fictional episodes that are named after their songs.

He bought a theme park, completely remodeled it, and called it Dollywood. In this park, which is visited by some 3,000,000 people per year, it performs concerts and raises funds for charities; in 2020 donated a million dollars for the investigation of COVID-19. The great mystery of her life is her marriage: she has been married for 57 years to Carl Dean, whom she met at the door of a laundromat the same day he arrived in Nashville, in 1964. At first, she concealed her marriage for reasons of contract, but Years passed and it became clear that in the face of the brilliance and splendor of the star, the husband prefers a low profile. It is a combination of luxury. Along with all the Grammy Awards that Dolly Parton won, this is another of her hits.

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Dolly Parton, a love story in every song