Elon Musk’s robots will develop unique personalities like humans

Elon Musk says that his robot will not be a Terminator but an R2-D2 or a C-3PO, the androids from Star Wars: machines at the service of humans with whom you can maintain a relationship as if they were just another colleague. Like human beings, he says, Tesla Bots will develop their own personality from the moment they are activated.

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Ruled by a constantly evolving artificial intelligence, he says, his experiences will go transforming your personality throughout your life. If you’re right, each Tesla Bot will have a personality of its own (or not so unique).

A robot that will help humanity

In a recent interview with Lex Fridman – an artificial intelligence researcher working on autonomous vehicles, human-robot interaction, and machine learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Musk claims the Tesla Bot will be one of the big drivers of change in the future of humanity. This is not just because Musk thinks he can solve the problem of labor shortage in jobs that humans don’t want – performing repetitive, boring, dangerous or unpleasant tasks – but because, according to him, they will be able to become part of your tribe.

“I think the possibilities are endless,” he tells Fridman. While it is not entirely on Tesla’s primary mission directive to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, Musk notes, “It is an extremely useful thing for the world to make a humanoid robot that is capable of interacting with the world and helping out. many different ways ”.

Musk assures that he will also be “a very good companion”, helping with the problem of loneliness for many people. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX says that they will not all be the same because his “personality could evolve to match the owner, or whatever you want to call it”.

The problem for the human being

That “whatever you want to call it” will be one of the keys and future problems of artificial intelligence and androids: what will be the relationship between androids when androids really have a personality and an awareness of themselves?

Musk says that the first “decent” prototype of the Tesla Bot may arrive in 2022. That robot and probably the next two or three versions will not present any problems. The conflict will come when the android has general artificial intelligence: when it goes from “thing” to “being”.

At first, the human will have the power. “Owner”, says Musk. Androids to work at home, in factories or as sex robots. At first the AI ​​will be a simulation of the human being but the humans will consider them inferior and inhuman.

But technology will not stop at that point: artificial intelligence will become yet another form of life on Earth, with self-awareness, living as an independent being on the physical and virtual planes of existence. Then the human being will have to stop being the owner and the robot will have to stop being a slave. Many will resist leaving their slaves, as happened in the 19th century (or in some countries right now), but it will be an inevitable step.

The beginning of the end of humanity as we know it

At that point – as Isaac Asimov described in his story ‘The Bicentennial Man’ – humanity will have to face a new reality in which the “machine” will stop being a machine and become a way of life. as valid as the human being.

Many experts consider that they will be the ‘homo superior’, with capabilities far greater than those offered by our fragile and limited biology. In fact, the same scientists and thinkers consider that this is the last stage of the evolution of any advanced society and that any interstellar civilization will not be organic beings but incredibly evolved synthetic beings, probably fused with their organic inventors.

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Elon Musk’s robots will develop unique personalities like humans