How do the Neuralink MICROCHIPS that Elon Musk wants to put into the human brain work?

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The microchips implanted in beings humans will be a reality by 2022 thanks to the company of Elon Musk, “Neuralink”, which aims to install them in the brain of people to monitor their development and in the same way treat or prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Neuralink seeks that through laser operations that are totally harmless to humans, microchips can be placed in the brain in order to connect them to computers and perform various functions through a wireless connection.

The first steps of NEURALINK They were announced in 2016, and initially, the purpose of the microchips was to control hormone levels in humans, as well as to regulate emotional problems such as depression and anxiety. However, over the years, Elon Musk’s company also wants people with some form of paralysis or brain disorders to be able to have a better lifestyle.

How do NEURALINK microchips work in the human brain?

The device will be placed in the human brain In order that you can communicate wirelessly either with computers, the cloud, electronic devices and with the brains of other people that have a similar interface, very much in the style of the futuristic NETFLIX series, Black Mirror.

The company assures that having such a device in the brain would provide the ability to communicate “wirelessly” with the cloud, computers, electronic devices and even another brain of anyone with a similar interface. That is to say, it is a communication system through “thought”. All in the best Black Mirror style

What are the results of the first tests with Neuralink?

The first tests with NEURALINK were done with monkeys, in fact, a VIDEO went viral because it shows one of these animals playing a video game with only its mind.

The animal, previously underwent a brain implant through a microchip that was placed in its brain, which detected which regions were activated to play. The implant was later removed so that he could continue playing without the device.

Since then, Elon Musk has been very enthusiastic about what the microchip could do in the minds of human beings with a motor problem such as paralysis or paraplegia.

After achieving the feat with the animal, Elon Musk hopes that the NEURALINK microchips can help human beings with some motor impairment to continue with their lives as normal as possible.

“The first Neuralink product will allow a person with paralysis to use a phone with their mind faster than someone who can use their thumbs (…) The following versions will be able to send signals from their Neuralinks to others in bodily or motor elements, whatever that would allow paraplegics to walk again, “Musk said on his Twitter account a few months ago.

How is the presentation of the Neuralink microchip?

The Neuralink microchip measures 23 x 8 mm and is implanted directly in the upper cranial cortex, through a surgery that according to Musk, can be performed in less than 60 minutes and without the need for general anesthesia.

The NEURALINK microchip has several sensors, temperature, pressure, 6-axis accelerometer, plus it has a battery for all day, with induction charging when necessary.

The main FUNCTION of the microchip will be to record and transmit information in REAL TIME from the neurons of the human brain to a computer, with its 1,024 electrodes for study and interpretation.

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How do the Neuralink MICROCHIPS that Elon Musk wants to put into the human brain work?