Review of “The stone sky”, by NK Jemisin, the end of the seasons arrives

ENV47406N.K. Jemisin is one of the most successful international authors in recent years. In this time he has won numerous science fiction and fantasy awards and his novels have reached thousands of readers around the world. His trilogy «The fragmented Earth»Is his best known and most awarded work.

If you have not started reading this story yet, I leave you here the review of its first part, «La Quinta Estación«, without spoilers.

«The stone sky»(Published by the publishing label Nova) close this story. On this occasion we return to recover our protagonists: Nassun Y Essun. After the events of the last novel, Essun witnesses in her own flesh the side effects of what she has done. While trying to recover she goes a long way with what is now a new family for her. But you have not forgotten that your daughter is still somewhere on Earth and needs your help.

On the other hand, we have Nassun, Essun’s daughter. She is also a victim of her past acts and has to face a new challenge to successfully overcome the mission that she has set herself: to end evil in the world.

Odera Igbokwe Essun Broken Earth NK Jemisin
Ilustración de Odera Igbokwe

Nassun and Essun have two different visions of the world and although both have not had easy lives, one wants to save the Earth and the other to destroy it.

The book, like the previous ones, is again divided into several chapters featuring different characters. As we have already said, two of the protagonists will be Essun and her daughter, but we will have more characters. A third part of the book will be dedicated to unraveling the past of this mysterious world and the reason for the oregenes, the Obelisks and the magic of this Earth. Thanks to these chapters we will better understand this story and the reasons for its characters.

The novel continues to deal with current issues such as social inequality and what is caused by one part of the population subduing another due to the differences that separate it. This is one of the best points of the book: how a real problem (past and present) shapes a whole fantasy trilogy.

In “The stone sky»The author conquers us again with her prose and her world. Its second-person narration with a totally omnipresent narrator will catch us again on this page so that we do not stop reading until we reach the end. Despite being a dense reading, with many original technicalities and a totally invented world and customs, the reading ends up being entertaining and manages to capture us and make us understand all the characters and their universe.

Captura 2«The stone sky»Is the ideal finishing touch for the closing of this trilogy. With this novel we will reach the end of this story and we will be left wanting to read new works by this author.

NK Jemisin, American fantasy author, winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2016 and 2017 and nominated for other awards such as the Locus, World Fantasy and the Nebula. The first two parts of his first saga, Trilogy of the Succession, have been published in Spain.

The novel has been translated by David Tejera Exposito.

You can start reading here the novel.

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Review of “The stone sky”, by NK Jemisin, the end of the seasons arrives