The emotional reunion of Sunisa Lee, the new gymnastics star, with her family

Following the unexpected withdrawal from the gymnastics final of the favorite to win, Simone Biles, the young American, Sunisa Lee claimed the title of best gymnast after winning the all around at the Ariake Gymnastics Center at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. just 18 years old was the star of the night after performing his uneven bars routine, which is considered the highest level of difficulty in the world and thanks to which he managed to obtain the necessary points in one of the Closer endings in the history of artistic gymnastics.

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How did Suni Lee celebrate his victory?

Not everything is pressure, competitions and training in the life of the Olympic champion, finish their performance in Tokyo 2020, the athlete returned to the United States and visited the city of New York, where he walked through the most emblematic streets together with his sister Shyenne Lee. But the funny moments she spent with her sister were not the only memorable memory that the gymnast lived in the Big Apple, her victory at the Olympic Games has made her a true star on american soil for which he received a very special invitation to one of the most important programs in the nation, Today Show, the morning of the NBC chain.

But the television network had another amazing surprise to Suni, since the moment he stepped on the stage he saw all your family sitting proudly awaiting your arrival. Suni did not hesitate for a second to run to hug all her loved ones, and the first to receive a big hug It was his father, who, as previously mentioned, is the person thanks to whom he has managed to fulfill this dream. One of the most emotional moments during this meeting, after a long period of separation, was when the gymnastics champion was finally able to share her greatest achievement with her parents and both. he hung one of his olympic medals on them, but of course, the gold medal was received by John Lee, since as Suni has previously confessed, this victory has been dedicated to him, who has been his biggest motivation and support throughout all these years. In 2019 the family of the Olympic athlete experienced a tragedy, when just two days before the National Championship, John suffered an accident when he fell off some stairs, which left him paralyzed from the chest down. The unfortunate eventuality of her father caused insecurities in the athlete due to which she was about to leave the sport, but with the help and love of her father, today she is an Olympic champion.

After the interview with her family, full of feeling, the teammates of the young Lee they accompanied her in the room of the morning program where they talked about the details of competencies and where Sunisa once again remembered all the moments she lived in Tokyo and how her teammates and coaches they supported and motivated to go out and win the gold medal.

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Tender moments with fans

Moments before her interview on the Today Show forum, Suni stumbled upon a large amount of fans waiting for your arrival. This has been a very special moment for her and she took this incredible opportunity to greet everyone and even take photos with some of them and answer some questions. But without a doubt the fan I am won her heart it was a boy of only 12 who could not hold back the tears of happiness upon meeting his heroine.

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The emotional reunion of Sunisa Lee, the new gymnastics star, with her family