What happened between Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn Spears?

2021 became the year in which Britney Spears regained her long-awaited freedom, after last June the newspaper The New Yorker discover and show the public the hell that the singer would have been living since the beginning of her legal guardianship in 2008, leaving her father as the main manager of her multimillion-dollar estate and controller of all aspects of the singer’s life. The only one who seemed to side with Britney, at least in public, was her little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, although over the months Britney has made it clear that Jamie Lynn has been just as harmful to her as the rest of her family.

Britney Spears with her sister Jamie Lynn and their children

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Jamie Lynn has reiterated on several occasions how “proud” she was of Britney and having supported her from the background: “I thought that until my sister could speak for herself and say what she needed to say publicly, it was not my place and it was not the correct”, he confessed a few months ago, in full trial for the guardianship of his sister, “But now that he has spoken very clearly and has said what he had to say, I feel that I can follow his example”.

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The actress was heavily criticized for her words, with thousands of Britney’s followers accusing her of having taken advantage of her sister’s fame and money just like her parents did throughout her career, and that is why she would have kept a silence that suited her. eyes of the father of both. Britney herself seemed to confirm that through a mysterious post on her Instagram account, in which she criticized her closest relatives, especially Jamie Lynn.

Britney feels that her sister Jamie Lynn did not offer her support when she needed it most.

Britney feels that her sister Jamie Lynn did not offer her support when she needed it most.


The artist was very clear: “Never forget who ignored you when you needed them and who helped”, adding that there is nothing worse than when the people closest to you never showed up at your side and post things about your situation: “anyone who whatever, and they speak righteously in search of support… There is nothing worse than that, “added the singer, referring to the fact that her sister had not supported her until after her testimony and that she only did it to look good in front of the public. The singer confirmed the next day that she was referring to Jamie Lynn and other people close to her, adding in one of her court hearings that she would like to “sue her family” for “having lived under her guardianship for 13 years.”

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Now, Britney has taken another step in the breakup with her sister, since she has stopped following her on Instagram. Currently, the singer follows just fifty people, most of them artists and musicians.

Jamie Lynn Spears publica sus memorias, 'Things I should have said'.

Jamie Lynn Spears publica sus memorias, ‘Things I should have said’.

Instagram/Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn’s attempts to defend herself have been in vain. A few months ago he tried to tell his version of what he experienced during all this legal controversy in his memoirs, Things that I Should Have Said (things i should have said), which also ended in controversy, and to which her older sister has made reference in a publication on the social network: “I am thinking of releasing a book next year, but I have problems with the title, my fans can help me anyway : option 1 Shit I really don’t know and 2, I really care what people think. What is your opinion?”, wrote the artist.

For the moment, Jamie Lynn has remained silent, but Britney continues to bring to light the dirty laundry of the family that has seen her suffer for more than a decade: “They were my support system, but they hurt me deeply. Guardianship killed my dreams, and all I have left is hope.”

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What happened between Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn Spears?