2 corona drugs are coming in the new year! WHO reports


  • This medicine will be available in 2022.
  • People infected with severe corona will increase their chances of survival.
  • Corona treatment will open new horizons.

This time living desk: Salta 2019. At the end of that year, Kovid 19 entered the world.Covid 19). Then 2 years have passed. Public life is still in turmoil for that virus. However, from the very beginning of the spread of this virus, medical experts have come down to solve the problem. Research is being done on how to reduce the prevalence of this virus. In this case, we got the Corona Vaccine as a result of this fight. The Corona Vaccine is one of the tools in the fight against this disease.

Meanwhile, one drug after another has been used against the disease since its inception. In this case, another good news is coming with medicine. World Health Organization (WHO)WHOHans Claus, Europe’s regional director, says new drugs are coming to treat corona.Corona drug). Severe sufferers of this drug (Severe) Corona Patient) is working great to treat the patient. This medicine will be available in 2022.

The European Medicines Agency, the European Union drug regulator is talking about the use of these two drugs. These two drugs are Pfizer’s Paxlovid and Mark’s Molnupiravir.

“I’m glad to say that two Corona drugs are coming to market in 2022,” Klaus said. In this case, the chances of survival of people infected with severe corona will increase.

In this case, the risk of death of the patient infected with Paxlovid Covid can be reduced by 69% and that of Molnupiravi by 30%. Therefore, Tabar experts are unanimously acknowledging that these two drugs will actually open new horizons in Corona treatment in the market.

Meanwhile, Claus also talked about the corona vaccine. In his words, the word of tomorrow’s covid vaccine comes up. “I can’t talk about the future,” he said. However, keep in mind that the current vaccines are all first generation vaccines. Tomorrow’s vaccine will be even better. That vaccine will also work against new strains.

He added that this is also the case with the influenza vaccine. Every year this vaccine comes in a new form. Because in that case this virus changes. So every year a new vaccine is brought.

Meanwhile, these two medicines have to be taken within 3 to 5 days of getting infected with Kovid. In this case you have to take medicines for 5 days according to certain rules.

However, experts say that corona drugs are not the only big thing. Kovid rules must be complied with. Wearing a mask is mandatory. Hands should be washed regularly. You must also follow the distance rules. Only then can you stay healthy.

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2 corona drugs are coming in the new year! WHO reports