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You want to travel a little different ? Has the current context made you want to discover your country? Go for a long walk in our land. Walking in the French countryside is one way at a time ethical and economic to travel while discovering sumptuous places. And, thanks to ebooking, you can book hotels anywhere in France at low cost and organize your vacation in just a few clicks. here are the 7 reasons that will convince you to walk the small French trails.

Walking is both calming and stimulating

Many philosophers have maintained it: walking is a meditative activity par excellence. She permits to calm the mind, to take a step back from your daily life. This is the very principle of pilgrimages. At the same time, crossing the French countryside, all the senses are stimulated. Walking is one of those very specific activities that relax as much as they exalt. No wonder more and more people are deciding to indulge in it.

Walking: an economical mode of travel

You wish travel without breaking the bank, while living an atypical and memorable experience? Walking in the French countryside meets all of these criteria. By choosing the right option of booking you can book hotels and hostels for a small fee. Besides, your legs are free! No plane, train or gas costs to be expected.

A good way to get to know your country better

If it is possible to find positive points in the epidemic waves that have been raging for almost two years, it is that they have allowed us to reconsider the country in which we live. France has a wonderful terroir, each of its regions has its share of memorable places, ancestral practices and typical crafts. The walk is the best way to meet them and get to know our beautiful country better.

Walking helps keep fit

Walking is a excellent sporting activity. Unlike running, it does not violate the body. It is also suitable for all physical conditions. It allows you to get back in shape or to keep your physical condition while doing good.

Traveling while wandering invites you to meet

Traveling on foot is the best way to make memorable encounters. Whether with other travelers or with the locals, you will return home with a heart filled with the beautiful encounters you have made.

Walking in the French countryside helps keep small businesses alive

Many villages in France are emptying their small businesses. Large shopping complexes gain a little more monopoly every year. While strolling in the French countryside, you will allow these typical businesses to continue to exist.

Walking: the ultimate ecological vacation

In terms of ecology, traveling by boat, car and especially by plane is a real disaster. It’s hard to think of a greener mode of travel than walking! Its carbon footprint is simply negative. You will then be able to survey our beautiful country without degrading it.

The French countryside is full of treasures just waiting to be discovered. Put on your most comfortable shoes and meet them !


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7 good reasons to take a stroll in the French countryside – Travel Me Happy – Travel blog