A variety of colorful dishes are mixed throughout the year in Nagaland …


  • Newspapers are abuzz with news of Nagaland heating up on a daily basis.
  • People in several parts of this small hill state of seven southeastern northeast are now busy protesting.
  • There is a demand to withdraw AFSPA.

This time the digital desk: Newspapers are abuzz with news of Nagaland heating up on a daily basis. People in several parts of this small hill state of seven southeastern northeast are now busy protesting. There is a demand to withdraw AFSPA. Many tourists are afraid to go to the state in this situation. Although there was a festival at the recently concluded Hornbill, the number of tourists was not small. No one had to face any untoward incident there.

The Hornbill Festival is celebrated in Nagaland from 1 to 10 December. Although the festival was closed in 2020 due to Corona, many tourists gathered there this year. The Hornbill Festival is actually the feast of the Indian cormorant. Hornbill Festival is the biggest festival in Nagaland. The Indian cormorant is very important in the culture and folklore of the Naga tribe This ancient festival is celebrated in Nagaland every year in December. It is basically the biggest festival of the indigenous warrior community in Nagaland. They celebrate this festival to preserve their traditions and customs.

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On the occasion of the Hornbill Festival, the Naga people dress in attractive and colorful attire. Comes with brightly colored local pattern ornaments, necklaces made of goat horns, crowns and anklets. In ancient times it was customary to wear ivory ornaments to show one’s heroism in battle. Keeping that old tradition intact, the tradition of dancing and singing after ivory ornaments during the festival still remains today. In addition to dancing and singing in colorful costumes and jewelry, local Nagaras will eat traditional food and drink wine while wearing hornbills. One of the attractions of the festival is the chilli eating competition. Many tourists as well as locals took part in this competition. Needless to say, a fun atmosphere was created there on the occasion of the competition. Motor vehicle competition is also organized. You don’t even know how to spend a few days attending the ancient festival of the Nagas.

Photo courtesy: Times of India

Photo courtesy: Times of India

The Hornbill Festival ended a month ago. It is basically an ancient festival of the Naga tribes. In Nagaland, however, there are about six or seven other indigenous species besides the Nagas. The same festival of each species goes on almost throughout the year. So don’t be upset if you miss this year’s Hornbill Festival. Any festival in the state is quite interesting. The festival starts from the month of January.

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Mimkut festival
The first festival of the year is called Mimkut festival. The festival is held in the second week of January. It is basically a festival of the Kuki tribes of Nagaland. The festival is celebrated in Peren district. This festival is celebrated for the purpose of appeasing a monster named Thilha. The month of Magh is called Talbal month by the Kuki tribe. They believe that in the second week of this month, the Thilha monster goes out to see their village. At that time the monster had to be appeased by sacrificing chickens. Their various strange rituals are observed. Needless to say, the tourists came to the Kuki tribal village to watch this ritual.

Chekrini festival
The main festival of the Angami tribes of Nagabhumi is not Chekreni. To see this festival, you have to reach Nagaland in February. I swear you can witness a unique experience in life. The festival lasts from February 25 to March 5. The center of the festival is Kohima, the capital. The festival has a lot of local food, fun and rituals. On the first day of the Chekreni festival, unmarried men perform various rituals. On the second day the animals are hunted. The main event is celebrated after the hunt. The main event is to cook the prey. Eat them all together. Men hunt and women cook. Those cooking ovens are made every year just because of this festival. When the festival is over, the ovens are broken. The fourth day of the festival is quite interesting. On that day, young men and women give gifts to their favorite partners. It is a way of offering love. The couple spent the last few days of the Chekrini festival together. Although there is no special ceremony, there is a festive atmosphere in the village at that time. On the last day of the Chekrini festival, everyone in the village cooked again. This festival is basically a celebration of unity and love of the Angami tribes. Needless to say, tourists can also take part in this festival.

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Happy festival
Sukhenye is the grain festival of Nagaland. This festival is celebrated in a grand manner mainly in Fek district of the state. It is the main festival of the Chakhesang tribe. The festival is celebrated every year in the last week of March. According to tribal calculations, this is the third lunar month of the year. The festival lasted for four days. Cultivation in Nagaland began in earnest after March. So the tribals spend their time enjoying this time before working. And tourists from home and abroad came there to witness this colorful festival. The festival begins with the sacrifice of a lowly animal. Indigenous people are sanctified by bathing in the river. Mainly male members of the family bathe in the river. Of course, it is not only in this rule that women are not seen to take part in the rules and regulations of the festival. Indigenous people believe that this festival will be a good harvest to start farming.

Aoliyong Festival
Aowling is the main festival of the Kanyak tribes of Nagaland. It is a grain festival, celebrated in Mana district. Aowling is celebrated for a total of five days from 1st April to 6th April. And these five-day rituals are the same. The Kanyak tribes started celebrating this festival after sowing seeds in the land. Not only that, Aowling Festival is their New Year’s Eve celebration. The festival became full of dance songs of Kanyak species. The state government wants to place this festival on the international tourism map. The campaign is going on accordingly. This is probably the most popular festival after the Hornbill Festival. Tourists have already gathered in the village of Kanyak species on the occasion of this festival.

Tuluni festival
The Tuluni festival is celebrated by the Sumi tribes of Nagaland in the first week of July. The Tuluni festival is celebrated for three days. It is also a celebration of unity and love. Even after this, young men and women give gifts to their favorite partner and spend time together. Indigenous families cook together. Everyone prepares the old food together and eats together. Besides, the joy of harvesting is also celebrated. The Tuluni festival is celebrated in the Junheboto district of Nagaland.

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Nakanulem festival
The festival of celebrating the joy of friendship is the Nakanulem festival. This is the feast of the Chang species. But not only the joy of friendship, this festival also has its own ancient customs and culture. The festival is celebrated in July in Tuensang District. The people of Chang species dance, sing and play with joy. Everything is done according to the old rules. Rope pulling games, long jumps, high jumps, somersaults in the air, catching cooked pork with mouths etc. are some of the competitions organized here. Some more weird games are also organized here. At the festival, women play the famous Kankhim musical instruments of the Nagas. If you take part in this, you can witness a great experience.

Takhu imang festival
On the last day of the first week of November, the Lotha tribes celebrate the Takhu Imong festival. During this time the state is cold in Kankan. From this day onwards, the people of Lotha species relax after cultivating. And that is in the form of a festival. Dancing, singing, eating, etc. are in full swing. The taste of their old food will satisfy the tongue. The Lotha tribesmen have been waiting for this day all year round. And then they started preparing for winter. The Imong festival was then celebrated in Uokha district.

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Photo courtesy: Times of India

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A variety of colorful dishes are mixed throughout the year in Nagaland …